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Friday, 08 April 2016 / Published in Gay
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I have loved watching gay dudes stick it to one another for a long time. Now, seeing how all the videos have become really boring and repetitive, I was aching for some sizzling live action, and that is exactly what I have found on gaycamsexposed, where dudes are not afraid to stick it to one another on cameras, live. I can tell you that nothing beats live action, though this site has a few more perks, so read on.

Design and features

I have always had a love for sites that make you go straight for the thing that you wanted the most, that is the porn and the action, so this site is right on the top of my list of favorites, just because of that simple thing, and not because of the content, which is even more amazing. So, having arrived on the front page, a video which describes the joining process greeted me, along with some scenes of hardcore gay sex and solo action. Well, that alone was won me over, especially when I got around to hearing that the membership is free, and you would get amazing things along with it. Free is what I wrote, yes. Not to mention that the site is very well maintained, with good speed and response time, giving way to quite a pleasurable experience while watching the videos. Since all of them are being streamed, it is really a good thing that the site is speedy, even on the mobile devices, where by sliding up and down you are able to find your favorite models.

Boys & Videos

When I got to the videos, which took me less than a minute, including the joining process, I was astonished by all the action taking place at the site. You have a variety of gay guys to choose from, all of them hot in their own way. Some are muscular, some are pretty average in everything but their dick size. I have always enjoyed seeing variety when it comes to my men, and these are everything but similar, in their approach to the camera shows and in their sex, as well. I enjoyed all the different scenes, where guys stick it to one another while at the same time reading the instructions from the chat, as I’ve said, everything is live.

They have solo performances, where they masturbate and stick all sorts of stuff in their asses, as well as performances of a more sizzling type, where they are joined by another cock hungry dude, who is not afraid to take it deep, both in his mouth and in his ass. It is really easy to be turned on by watching such scenes, especially since they are in high definition, which made the close ups even juicier, as the cumshots are amazing, and the ass penetration, as well as the solo scenes. Mentioning the perks before, it is time to get to them, them being your own private shows which you would get to direct, something I have really enjoyed, as well as the cam to cam virtual sex experience with my favorite models, which you can add to your list of favorites and be notified once they come online.


So if gays are your thing and you are itching for some live action, I would definitely recommend going to this site, that is, gaycamsexposed and treating yourself to a very arousing and pleasurable experience. The best thing is that you would have to pay nothing and only do a few clicks to actually join the site and become a proud member of a very satisfying community which provides the best live action videos I have yet to see.

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