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Saturday, 20 February 2016 / Published in Cartoons
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Giantessclub is a comic porn e-commerce website that features creative stories beautiful and the protagonist usually features a beautiful that seeks out to either change the world or get something done for herself. These ladies are stereotyped to be huge, giant beautiful and mostly busty gorgeous women. The stories revolve around women seeking for justice for the powerless that are exploited and oppressed by the powerful, or they are seen fending off men and manlike creatures trying to exploit them sexually. The site features some naughty and highly sexual scenes featuring several flashing of boobs and the other beautiful parts of a woman’s body.

The site portrays high definition materials and the stories are the product of professional who either work for giantessclub or are affiliated with the outfit; either ways the quality of work done here is far from that of amateurs, both the writers and their characters. The best part of the website is that most of these stories are relatable and they feature trailers to give a peek into the action that awaits. As earlier mention, the site portrays high-quality materials, and it is only appropriate that these materials are displayed on a high definition website that resounds the quality it projects. On giantessclub, you can’t find a single pop-up ad to interrupt or disrupt your activity on the site and such contents are fend off the site and other unnecessary adverts and commercials aren’t found on the site as well. It is a flawless website.

Members of this website get to have access to most of the materials on the website, they get access to most of the stories on the website are either full stories, series, and wallpapers on the website. There are also videos available on the site that are available to members of the site, these videos are either trailers or the full movies; all accessible to members of gaintessclub. There are no bonus contents such as live cams and affiliates website to add to their current offerings available to their clients, but they update their site regularly to provide fresh contents to their members. The website is frequently updated with new content on a regular basis, and it also provides her clients with free wallpapers of the different characters found in their stories. Despite how highly creative the website is; they are yet to get high recognition for excellence.

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Design and features

The interface of the website is highly responsive for both desktop and mobile devices; the beautiful website has an array of different products lined up her e-commerce platform, with different stories and their corresponding artwork, the site shows a detailed work that was put together by a team of smart techies. The site supports a payment system/plug that handles all payments coming in; it also collects data from her users, which is used to either expedite payments for customers, or for publicity purposes to advertise new products and remind customers of the upcoming product, services or events. The site has an elaborate website support that enables it to stay reliable and fast.

The design of the website is top-notch as it adds life to the site, creating a comic ambiance of fun, adventure, and excitement. The gray background gives the site a monotone backdrop which also contains some characters found on the site. The blue theme of the site gives the site a strong and commanding feel; also, the texts are mostly all in blue colour and few in red. The site’s design is both simple and highly interactive as most of the content on the site loads easily and very fast, and also, it gives a top aesthetic proficiency on the part of the site designer. The site has some video trailers for some of its stories, these videos stream pretty quickly and efficiently. The streaming speed, on the other hand, is very fast, as the videos, although HD, but they stream pretty quickly and efficiently while viewing them on the website. The photo gallery of the site is very huge, as it contains a lot of different content as well as a bank of related content; are all available to the visitors of the website.

The site has videos and photos that can be downloaded by its members and streamed by its visitor that don’t have a membership account with them. Giantessclub has an advanced search option to aid the speedy access to certain or specific files that are available on the site and can be access to her visitors. This option helps the easy retrieval of files on the site, as it is an e-commerce site with a vast collection of content from different times; this can be easily accessed with just a few keystrokes. The site has a lovely mobile version that is suitable for all the mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets devices. The functionality of the site makes it user-friendly.

The niche of the site is in the comic porn industry, although it is a form of a market place where you get a variety of different genres and inter-related content. Theses content revolves around pornography and nudity, and they are highly suggestive to sexual innuendo. Competitors in this industry usually offer free content to a wide audience, and they have a vast genre of different contents alike. Competitors like Hentai, Animeporn, amongst others.

Girls & Videos

The girls that feature in these stories are all giants and mostly naked, they are seen either in physical combat or they are seen naked as they move around in one form of activity or the other. The story writers are professionals as they describe the stories in eloquent details, and the girls although fictitious, are beautiful and seem lively and happy in all the roles that they play in the stories. There are a number of videos on the site, and the videos are action packed as they reveal the different activities that go on in the full story, either on the written material or on the full movie. The quality of these videos are all HD and the video titles are similar to that of the written story the describe example: Big girls don’t cry.


The website features some really creative written pieces, and also some visuals as well. The aesthetic of these contents are breathtaking and they offer so much detail. It is a job well done.

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