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Secret affairs gives a certain excitement to those who are involved, the not attachment rule and meet ups just for sex is what makes most do it and get into it. GirfriendsWhoCheat is not your typical adult entertainment site wherein you can just watch videos and jack off the whole day while imagining scenarios that you know may not happen, this site guarantees a real hook up with the sexiest and hottest women near you. They are women with men in their lives who may not satisfy them sexually and all they want is to have a good time with anyone who can fill their holes and do what they have always longed for from their real partners.

Design and features

The site has a simple red and black back background and, once you open the site, you will be greeted with portfolios, pictures, short biographies and a short video clip of those women who wants to look for a man that they can hook up with, their age are also displayed as well as their personal information but it is only for those who are certified members of the site. Once you sign up you can have access to all of them and you can arrange meet ups with the woman of your choice.

They have thousands of beautiful women that you can choose from, they have blondes, brunettes, African Americans, Latinas, Asians and more, all of their pictures are of the highest quality so that you can see their features clearly and they also update their pictures from the simple ones to the racy ones. The site can also automatically detect your location based on your IP address so you will be notified by them about the women who are near your area, you also do not have to worry about security because all of your conversations with the women on the site and all of your personal information are stored safely and securely on the site. You will also be notified once new women sign up as members of the site.

Girls & Videos

The videos on this site is all high definition and are personally submitted by the women who signed up as a member of the site to look for sexual partners, so their videos are all racy and some of them will bare it all. One video submitted on the site is by Vanessa, she mentioned in her profile that she has a boyfriend yet she wants to explore and look for someone new, she posted a 30 seconds video wherein she sets up a video and she lays on her couch, she introduced herself and gave the viewers a sneak peek as she took her grey shirt off and she took her bra off, she then played with herself for a bit as she squeezed her breasts together and flicked her nipples. She then encouraged the other members to chat her up so that they can arrange a meeting and have a good time while her boyfriend is away.

Another profile showed a beautiful blonde girl named Avril, she indicated that she is looking for a guy who is playful, interesting and adventurous and someone that she can talk to and do more with, in her video it showed her setting the camera up on the bedside table before sitting on the bed and introducing herself, she then removed her white shirt to show the potential viewers what she has, she also removed her white shorts while telling the viewers about her ideal hook up, she also removed her pink lingerie, she squeezed her breasts and jiggled them to showcase how massive they are, she then lay on the bed and she removed her pink underwear revealing a shaved pussy.

She started touching herself, she moved her hands from her breasts, to her stomach and down to her pussy, she rubbed it and teased the wet outline with her finger before rubbing her clit, she moaned as she pleased herself and as she continued playing with her pink bud, she then spread her legs more to make sure that the camera captures her fingering herself. She inserted one finger inside her, filling her hole and making her gasp, she then added another finger stretching her more and she continued pumping her pussy using her fingers.

Another featured member on the site is a girl who only comes by username, she indicated in her introduction that she lives with her boyfriend who cheated on her more than once and that it is her turn to look for a side lover who can give her oral and who can give her a good time. In her video she was sitting on the bed explaining the reason why she decided to joining the site, she then told the viewers that she is willing to do any position and that she can give oral as well, she then removed all of her clothes and she started touching herself in front of the camera.

She opened her legs as wide as she could and she used her fingers to stretch her pussy and to show the viewers her insides. She used her finger to rub her pink bud and she inserted it inside her making her moan and gasp as she rammed more fingers inside her pussy, as if it was not enough she reached for a white dildo that was on her bedside table, she sucked the fake cock as if it was real and inserted it inside her and continued pumping.


GirlfriendsWhoCheat is a site wherein the women are not looking for anything serious; all they want is some cock action and good time. All of the videos that they upload on the site are of the highest quality and creating the account is free. The site has been closed, check this top porn sites list.

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