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Fine adult website where to watch amazing xxx videos.


Glamour Vegas is about glamour porn that comes to you in soft form. There are many exciting scenes that feature the girls in titillating action. The hotties have a marked sense of dressing. Their choice of lingerie is conspicuously classy and impressive. The videos feature the cuties in scanty sexy apparel but progress to actual nude scenes with the girls allowing a full view of their goodies for your total enjoyment.

Design and features

You are presented with a site that has been thoughtfully done. I loved the black background décor that contrasts nicely with the images. It is also a clever choice of color that gives the illusion of watching the blue movie in a dark room that makes sure that your full concentration is focused on the object of your entertainment on the screen. There are several useful tools that helped me get around the content on the platform without strain. I loved the fact that there is a list of categories that afforded me a chance to check out what services and content is available on Glamour Vegas. I could also use the model index to quickly check out the girl of my choice. There is a list of tagged captions that clicks into the actual movies. There is no elaborate search tool but my visit was pleasantly memorable; thanks to the alternative browsing tools that worked just fine. You are treated to a porn platform that presents girls from across the global community. Everyone will find their taste and kind on Glamour Vegas. If you are dawn to the cute curvaceous bodies of Latino cuties, you have been presented with a special treat on Glamour Vegas. Users are allowed to stream videos straight from the browser with the robust Flash Player that affords you to skip scenes, stop and resume as you deem fit. I could not see any bonus sites but you get enough entertainment. There are several extra services and features including a free chat session with the models. You can share ideas and post comments on the community page. I also loved the fact that I could access the content on the page with my mobile phone. Glamour Vegas is optimally tweaked for mobile access.

Girls & Videos

I was treated to a host of performances from various exciting models that have their show exclusively done for Glamour Vegas. I loved the choice of lingerie. The girls are captured in sexy hot lingerie most of the time. The videos present the girls showing off their goodies close to the camera. The girls look straight at the camera and systematically undress until you have a crisp clear up-close view of their full body and envied goodies. Some spread out to show you what lies between their legs, while others show you the ever exciting tits and nipples. Meet stylish Sana Shawn with a discreet show of her beautiful body and features. She first appears with her boobs covered in a towel. She sports a contagious smile and great dark hair that forms a wavy effect at the ends. She is captured on an outdoor location with something that looks like a road bridge in the background. She is confident in her stride and turns to show you a piece of her camel-toes treasure carefully tucked between her legs. You can see her brown cherry peering out between the chicks of her vagina.


Glamour Vegas is the perfect place to check out great softcore porn videos. They have provided a rich set of user tools. The content is updated frequently. You have a host of exciting videos in HD form and a whopping number of high res photos.

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