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There is a lot of charm associated with lovely mature ladies who are fast gaining a lot of recognition and popularity in the world of porn. One such amazing website is Golden Feet. It’s a website of porn star by the name of Lady Sarah who puts up on her website everything from lovely shots of her feet to the piercings in her nipple and vagina. If you are a fan of mature women and feet then this site is perfect for you.

Golden Feet features all the sex in pretty much any category that you have always wanted. And who’s doing all the work? Lady Sarah of course. She is sexy and does not hesitate to show what she’s got. You can watch her suck on a dick, alone playing with herself or in several jizz scenes. Golden Feet has made sure that not even a single category is left out when it comes to porn pleasure. Golden Feet takes care of its subscribers and will do pretty much anything to make sure they get what they pay for.

Pierced pussy, masturbation, pussy pumping – these are just few of the categories under which you can find great porn videos. Lady Sarah is a professional and she has been in the industry for a long time. She knows what pleases men and she is willing to give it to them. If you love to watch porn across the categories then Golden Feet is the website for you. With its eclectic mix of pictures and porn stars, it’s not going to disappoint you one bit. So, make sure you are not missing out on this one.

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Design & Features

Golden Feet is a very comprehensive site that provides you everything from the basic pictures and videos to shopping! The fans of Lady Sarah want to know how she looks like that and buy stuff off the site to keep the site running and give Lady Sarah a token of their love. The site is very professionally built and the viewers can even watch High Resolution pictures and videos of Lady Sarah having sex or just flashing her pussy.

She loves to play with herself and show off her nipple and pussy piercings. That’s why men love her so much. Watch this chick show off what she’s got. Even the freshest chicks are going to take a beating when it comes to Lady Sarah. She has the moves that you have never seen before and is better than many porn stars you have come across. So, if you are not able to find a great mature mamma, you need to be on Golden Feet and explore what this temptress has to offer you. If you need to shoot with Lady Sarah, you can contact her on her website. This lovely looking mature porn star is so approachable!

She loves it that her fans are able to talk to her and make her a bigger star than she already is. You can also see a “Meet Me” section on the website. It’s for those who want to see this phenomenon in the flesh. And we promise you, Lady Sarah looks even better in person than she does in the pictures. Her pussy and Ass are quite something else when seen and touched in real. If you want to cheer for Lady Sarah then all you need to do is get on the site and subscribe. It’s that easy!

Girls & Videos

Golden Feet is mainly a foot fetish website and features the famous porn star Lady Sarah. You can find her taking pictures of her feet from different angles. Her feet are accessorized or not or are in killer high heels. So, watch what makes you tick. If you thought Lady Sarah and her website Golden Feet is just too conservative to feature any lesbian sex. Think again. She may be a bit mature but she is certainly modern.

She knows what she wants and she gets it. You can find her kissing and fucking not just men but women too. And no kind of sex is taboo to her. She is getting her toes sucked and sucking dick in return. Or she is just getting a nice fucking from a dildo. If not that then she is playing around with her lesbian partners. No matter what it is that you want, Lady Sarah makes a promise of satisfaction with you and she will fulfill it.

She does not dole out free HD pictures to you like that. She needs your consent and an email before she can send it. Golden Feet makes sure that it personally takes care of all the subscribers and that’s why it’s so great. You have to visit it to know how good it is. When you get on the site, you will see a sexy Sarah welcoming you with her beautiful vagina and her piercings.

You can either stare at it or move forward and look at what else she has to offer you. There is lot of variety for all sorts of people on Golden Feet. But no matter what it is that you are watching, the focus is always Sarah’s feet. Because the site is for those who have a mature foot fetish. So, if you are one of those then Golden Feet is the best place to be.


Golden Feet is all in all a very user friendly website. It knows that the viewers want to be treated well and it does just that. Lady Sarah interacts with her fans personally as well and knows that it is very important to do that in order to keep the relationship alive with her fans. She loves her fans and wants to give her the best.

She may be mature but she has the vivaciousness of a 20 year old. Her big boobs and ass will make you hard instantly and you will keep coming back to what Lady Sarah has to offer. The site updates itself regularly so that you don’t have to see Lady Sarah’s same Avatar more than once.

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