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Thursday, 28 January 2016 / Published in Asian Porn Sites
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You asked for it; now you got it and even far more than you bargained for. Finally, there is a whole website completely dedicated to hairy pussies; real pussies of damsels from the Asian continent. Everything on HairyAv, from start to finish is the best quality video featuring only the most fantastic of chicks the land of the Orients can offer. Enough of the façade and pretense that all girls shave or like to shave their pussies. It’s a wrong notion shoved down our throats for too long. HairyAv finally dispels this myth and presents us with awesome looking chicks of Asian extraction with all their cunt glories still intact. Truly, only a few guys would like shaved pussies; the majority would rather eat that cunt raw with all the hair and juices it offers.

That is why this site was created to cater to the hundreds of millions of guys out there dying to watch Asian sluts in their natural habitat, no faking, no shaving, just pure, raw, and undiluted hardcore sex like never seen before. The cute, pretty, and gorgeous Asians paraded on this site are exquisitely unique and different; they are in a class of their own. To give you only the very best, HairyAv has taken a lot of time, invested a lot of creativity, imagination, and resources to find only the very best the continent has to offer. Cool chicks from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and every other place you can think of in Asia. They are the top of the crop, carefully auditioned, screened and selected through a very rigorous process which has culminated in the presentation of only the sexiest bitches you can ever find there.

Whether she is a horny mature MILF, a naïve student, an amateur first-time virgin, a hot fresh slut, an office lady secretary, a nurse, a maid, or a diner waitress, you are sure to find only the prettiest, most daring, and sexiest of them all here. They can fuck anything that stands erect, in their mouths, their wet, pink pussies, or their tight assholes. No matter the size of the cock presented, these ladies fuck it, big time. No matter the type of dildo manual or electric; plastic, rubber, or ceramic, they are good for it. It’s such a magnificent site that offers all kinds of sex positions, all kinds of locations and sceneries, and a wide array of storylines that never repeats themselves. By many miles, this is indeed the best hairy cunt porn site the world has ever seen. The combination of great, unrivaled content mixed with the very best technology to display the shows make this the top site in this niche of porn. No other site dedicated to hairy chicks comes close at all. The difference is staggering; the quality is superb; and the value for your money, unequaled.

There are dozens of categories well arranged for your navigation and viewing delight. No matter what you want to see hairy cunt girls do in a sex video, you’ll find here in abundance. Hairy cunts squirting, hairy pussies getting amazing double penetration, hairy vaginas being gang fucked, hairy cunts displaying the best of creampies and cumshot shows that would thrill you, and so many other categories, well packaged for you. There are also plenty bukkake, blowjobs, big tits, bikinis, anal, amateur, handjob, lingerie, lesbians, outdoors, POVs, and so much more. It’s a website specifically designed to take care of all the diverse needs of people who just love to see fresh, pink and hairy pussies on display. Don’t roam around; just click on any category and pick your choice of video. It’s that simple!

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Design and features

Other than the creative and simple categories these videos are placed in, another factor that makes HairyAv the number one site in the hairy cunt porn videos niche is its ability to give you flexibility while watching or downloading. Here, nothing is cast in stone; you can choose to watch online, or simply download as many videos as you like for later viewing. That’s freedom! And all these can be done either on a PC, on a smartphone or on a tablet.

HairyAv is part of the world-acclaimed JAV network, the home of all that is good, all that is sexy, and all that is hardcore. And as a subscriber on HairyAv, you get more than enough of this unique network. You’ll gain access to more than 10,000 uncensored videos of the highest quality, 24/7 support and live chat, absolutely no limits on streaming and downloads, featured top JAV models and damsels, and so much more. It’s a bargain like no other. You can also follow the latest gist and information on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. This way, you are sure to be kept in the loop; to know everything that happens even before they do.

Girls & Videos

Though these amazing damsels are from Asia, they rival and surpass the best Europe or America can boast of. Their skills in the art of contemporary porn are just unbelievable. The way they twist and turn their cute, pretty bodies, the manner in which they fuck and suck huge hard cocks, their sensational tongue and hand works, the wonderful blowjobs, and of course, super hairy cunt fuck is simply out of this world.

No matter the country she is from, no matter the language she speaks, these girls rock; they are the best as far as exquisite, hardcore porn matters. Shown in exclusive HD videos all through, these girls dazzle, they are glamorous and just brilliant. The vivid pictures do more than complement their great shows, it makes them the official porn goddesses of our time.


Nothing beats these sexy pornstars displayed on HairyAv; absolutely nothing! They are gorgeous, they are bold, they are daring, and they are super talented. It’s a combination that puts HairyAv head and shoulders above its rivals. Get on board now!

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