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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 / Published in Cartoons
Amazing cartoon porn site sharing really detailed hentai images and vids


One of the most promising cartoon porn sites launched by the Mind Geek network, Hentai Pros will surely ignite your anime-crazed fantasies with its collection of cartoon xxx scenes. This site easily captured the attention of the mass with its cartoon hardcore videos ever since it was released in 2017. Hentai Pro shows its Japanese roots with the multitude of recognitions that it received as one of most viewed cartoon xxx sites.

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Design and features

Gone are the days when the sites were dull and boring as it can be. Now, there are a lot of technologies that can help the developer to achieve a creative and presentable website design. And who do you think aces this game of intelligence and creativity? Yep, Asians! Clearly, Hentai Pros is in a perfect shape in the hands of its Japanese developers as it stuns every visitor with all its glory. Let us first take a look at the site’s website design. So far, Hentai Pros is one of the most creative websites curated with HTML and CSS codes. The buttons are all working as expected and the website responds fast. Everyone can see that it is fully functional from top to bottom. Every link in the site is also working. The site is also clean and organized. The designs did not take out the minimalist effect of the site, which I like the most. I guess what makes it less boring is the font style that is being used which clearly has an anime-inspiration to it. The colors that are used in the site also correlate with each other, which makes them very pleasing to the sight.

The large banner on the homepage is also an eye-candy to everyone. It contains a slideshow of sexy images of these hot anime beauties. You can also see links, which point you to the updates of the site like the recently uploaded videos and the upcoming videos. The graphics that you can see are not censored, which is a big surprise to me because Japanese porn usually has the tendency to blur out explicit parts or scenes. You can see girls spreading their legs wide or girls blowing a large dick. What’s more interesting is that these girls are popular characters from anime shows. And if you are an avid fan, you will surely feel ecstatic watching these familiar faces do some naughty acts. There are three ways on how you can enjoy the site. One is through regular membership, secondly is through VIP membership and last is through free membership.

Free membership, or as I would like to call them as “lurkers” are not obliged to pay anything for the site. They can access the site without spending a single cent. However, their options are limited. Free members can only watch a preview of the video, which is 60 seconds long. They also cannot download the videos on their mobile devices.

What they can enjoy are the sample photos and videos on the homepage. Regular members, on the other hand, get more benefits than the free members. Regular members can watch the full duration of the videos and enjoy it with English subtitles since everything is in Japanese. But still, regular members cannot download the videos. VIP members, on the fortunate side, can do all these things though.

In the menu bar of the site, you can see three main buttons for the main sections of the site. First is the videos, second the categories and third is the live cam. The site is also equipped with sorting tools to manage the videos easily. In the videos section, you can see that it is well detailed. It comes with a title, a short description, and a thumbnail. At the bottom of the player, there’s a suggested videos section where you can find related videos.

Girls & Videos

There are countless girls to choose from in Hentai Pros, like the badass chix in Naruto, Angel Beats, Fruits Basket, Bleach and One Piece. There are even new characters that we have never seen before. All these girls are a stunner with their big and bouncy boobs and jiggly butts. Dressed in the sexiest outfits ever, they will surely make you wet instantly. And this is what I like on this site. The selection of models never runs out. The fact that you are seeing characters that you used to watch in an adult material is also exciting most especially those who grew up watching them. Who would have thought that a few years later, they will be able to see these animated icons in their adult forms doing porn? You can also expect mythical creatures as characters to some of the scenes in the site’s collection. Aside from princesses, there are also elves and wizards in the collection.

The scenes are very convincing too. They are created with details such as the girls’ pubic hair and beauty marks. Their facial expressions are also spot on. The videos are also in Japanese but for those who are non-Japanese speakers, there are English subtitles available but only if you’re a site member. The site also has categories that I am sure a lot of audiences would enjoy: Ahegao, Squirt, Harem, Handjob, Titty Fuck, Anal, Blowjob, Facial, Big Tits, Creampie, Gangbang, Lesbian, Orgy, MILF, Bukkake, Footjob and Rough Sex.


Hentai Pros is indeed a promising site. It was just launched earlier in 2017 and as far as I can see, it is already doing a pretty good job in its field. The number of people that is patronizing it is overwhelming and I can see why. The site has three membership options. For those who want to enjoy the site for free, they can sign up as free members. For those who want to get more benefits, they can sign up as regular members. And for those who want to get the most out of the site, the premium membership is for them.

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