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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 / Published in Fetish
Best adult premium website if you're into breathtaking BDSM stuff


If you are someone who loves being in control and always wanted to be the man in the family then Hogtied is the website for you to be in. You will find plenty of stuff that might spook you out in the member’s area but it is all part of a fetish where women are left in positions where they cannot do anything and they just have to watch themselves get fucked in all their holes. The women are subjected to a lot of crazy stuff that you would expect from BDSM content. Some of the most awkward of positions are shown in the scenes where the women don’t feel comfortable at all. You might have a hard time to get the balls to see the content but it is one of those websites that is meant to get your legs numb. The only thing that you can find solace in is the fact that all of this is a set up and the women are actually comfortable. The stars enjoy being in such positions where they lose control completely and let their partners do whatever they want. If are someone who is not faint of heart, you need to check out the website right now to experience something truly spectacular.

The world of BDSM was only popularized due to recent books and movies making the theme extremely popular but captivity is one of the things that was practiced for years and years. Hogtied is one of websites that truly stand out when it comes to offering high quality BDSM porn. You might have preconceived notions that women do not enjoy being treated that way but when you progress through all of the videos you will notice that women end up asking for more. These men in skin tight leather are willing to fuck women as hard as possible but they want to make the women keep begging for it. One of the best things about the website is that the content is built upon based on what the users want. You will find that the website managers keep taking suggestions from people. You will find ropes and other props being used in the most fascinating of ways and it will surely turn you on.

One of the notable things about the website is that it has been around for quite some time despite being of a niche category, and yet they have been so consistent when it comes to getting content to the plates of the users. The men put the women in awkward positions and leave them attached to some of the most awkward of contraptions. They keep on hanging until they beg for an orgasm. And when the men do decide to let the women have an orgasm they find the largest vibrator possible and shove it down their pussies. While the experience may be uncomfortable for the women in the beginning they realize that it is all going to end soon and slowly get into the mood where they slowly achieve the orgasm. The men do not let the women go until their pussies have been drained of all of the orgasm and they have nothing left.

Design and features

The website seems very innocent at first when you first login. You will be presented with a very neat and minimalistic interface that will keep you wondering where on earth you have landed. But as soon as you enter the website you will experience something truly spectacular. The website comes to life with an overview of all of the content that is on offer. While the content might be hard to see if you have a faint heart, the website is actually very friendly. You will be able to pop in suggestions to the people managing the page and you’ll find that if it is possible to cater to the needs of any member, they try to get it done.

Most of the recent videos have been made due to the ideas generated by the members themselves. All of the content on the website is fully downloadable and you will be able to get all that you need for yourself. There are no restrictions when it comes to downloading content and no DRM licensing is present. The content is available in high definition, but you can download the videos in lower resolutions as well. The images can be downloaded as zip files to your computer and you will be able to download entire galleries at one go.

Girls & Videos

The website has been around for over a dozen years and you will be able to experience something truly different. With over a thousand videos you might think that the content will get repetitive but it is not so. All of the scenes also come with photo scenes which allow you to get a brief idea of what the content holds. The content is updated on a regular basis and the models surely do an amazing job going through all of the things they have to. The website is meant for hardcore porn lovers only and anyone who cannot take in such high quality and intense stuff should stay away.


The raw quality of the videos is really going to keep you enthralled. Most websites these days try to tone down on the BDSM content as much as possible and focus on showing more sex and less captivity. But Hogtied is one of those websites that go all out when it comes to letting people see what real BDSM is all about. You should definitely consider getting a membership if you are a fan of BDSM porn or if you have never been able to muster the courage to see what it is all about. The website is truly amazing for what it offers and if you are bored of mainstream porn then you should definitely try the website out right now.

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