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Thursday, 18 February 2016 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
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There are a few things that disturb us when watching porn. First, it makes us wonder if that famous porn star that we are currently watching in the video is really cumming or is she just faking it? Second, the fancy background, and the professional equipment, while these make the video look best, they also remove the realistic side of the video. And we don’t know about you guys, be we appreciate videos that are more genuine rather than carefully staged scenes within a controlled environment, no matter how high quality their videos are. If you agree with most of the statements that we have shared with you just now, then you are probably a fan of amateur porn videos as well. These are the videos that were taken at home by regular and real life couples and then submitted to a porn site, not because they want to get paid, but they just enjoy sharing their homemade sex videos to the world. Sounds great, right? Well, you are in for a nice surprise because we have found a great amateur porn submission site that offers one of the cheapest membership prices in the entire world of porn while also featuring a huge collection of videos to watch and download. This porn site is Home Spy Video. When we say huge collection, we mean that the site actually started way back in 2006, and ever since, they have grown their collection to over twelve thousand videos. Not only that, signing up for membership will also grant you access to almost sixty thousand pictures as well. And all of these media are carefully organized and divided into almost twenty different categories so we can easily search for the videos that we want to watch easily and according to the type of niche that we feel like watching for the day. Yes, that’s right. While some amateur porn submission sites only offer videos that can be categorized to just a few genres, Home Spy Video, on the other hand, have other genres that are unique to the amateur scene like Fetish, Group, and Hardcore just to name a few. What we suggest for you to do is to head over to their porn site instead if you really want to learn all of their different categories. Let us now move on to the membership process. There are two types of membership plans: one that’s good for thirty days and the other one is good for ninety days. If you can’t decide the option that is best or you then we recommend that you go ahead and sign up for the trial membership option instead so you can already explore the entire site to determine if their selection is good enough for you.

Design and features

Their website design has the street vibe. It is actually pretty cool, compared to the boring look of other porn sites. Upon landing on the homepage, you will automatically see the welcome banner and a short note about the Home Spy Video site. On the right part of the site, you will see all the different categories listed, along with the recent comments. Scrolling down will then show you the different movies that they have with the most recent at the top of the list. They are presented in thumbnails. The main image shows the most action-filled scene in the video. Their videos have very straightforward titles like “Lesbian sluts on webcam”. Aside from the title and the image preview, you will also see the video’s length and its rating along with a short description of the video. Another scroll down will show you more thumbnails. On the right side, however, you will be able to see one of their on-going polls. At the moment of writing this review, the question is “What girls do you like to fuck?” and the leading answer is Asian. Finally, below the poll, you will then see their archive and their tag cloud.

Girls & Videos

One of the factors, why some people steer clear of amateur porn videos, is the video quality. Let’s face it, amateur videos are simply not as good as those videos created in studios, but this actually adds to the charm and realism of the scene. However, if you really must know, all of the videos on the site have been screened before being uploaded, that’s why you will find that most of the videos were actually uploaded by the admin of the site. This ensures the quality of the videos that you will get to watch in the site. All of them are clear and aptly lit. Moving on to the girls in the site, one of the best things that we love about amateur porn submission site is the big number of girls that they feature because most of the time the beauties that they have are as many as their videos. You seldom see a repeat, which means that they will definitely have the girl that you are looking for.


Overall, we really enjoy being a member of an amateur porn site, but probably the best thing that we have liked upon joining Home Spy Video is the different perks that they give their members. First, upon joining the site, they will automatically give you a chance to win a thousand dollars worth of access. Aside from that, you will also get to interact with other members. Keep in mind that some of them might be the people behind your favorite video. And finally, you can also submit your own homemade photos and videos.

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