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Monday, 29 February 2016 / Published in Other
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You have probably heard of the wild parties that women tend to visit and have fun on, the ones where people get wild and things quickly turn into an orgy. Well, on Horny Birds you have the chance to visit those parties, virtually and see for yourself every single bit of action that takes place, and believe me, some of it is really hardcore. Women love to do all the kinkiest stuff, and at parties, they fear nothing, especially in packs.

Design and features

Once you get to the front page, there are a lot of things that will catch your eye, the most prominent being the giant collage of images at the top of the screen. That collage is filled with photos from parties, where women gang up on a man and suck him, the others cheering. The rest of the site, as you scroll below, is filled to the top with pictures from parties, all of them previews, all of them leading you to the joining page, once you click them. The actual videos and photos from the parties are in the members’ area, where they wait for you after joining. The site is also quite responsive, being very speedy when it comes to loading pages and videos. Cruising around, selecting your favorites and loading them takes only a second or less, and while the site is greatly optimized on the desktops and laptops, it is even more so for the mobile devices. Sliding up and down and selecting videos is just a breeze, being able to surf from your sofa.

Girls & Videos

The girls at the parties are amazing, they love to have themselves a cock, and inviting dancers over is quite the frequent phenomena. When the girls start partying, and the men start dancing, they tend to get wild after a few cold beverages, and turn to their dicks, sucking them. The men have nothing against it, so they reply with a very nice fuck. Sometimes, the men need to handle many girls, and their sexual prowess can easily be seen. Though, the women sometimes milk a man out completely before he even gets to satisfy one of them. Luckily, though, since it is a party, more than one man is invited, so the fun never stops. Cold beverages and hot cocks mix very well and the girls know it, loving to run wild and to ride wildly. Having a threesome or a foursome is common, as these parties are really passionate when it comes to sex. Real life parties are hard to be filmed, though these people do not seem to mind, at all, quite the opposite, actually, they love sharing their experiences with everyone else, opting to get the facials and the cumshots filmed. Cum swapping is a common thing at wild parties, too, where the girls get down and straight up kiss one another, going for lesbian action once the men have been milked properly. The videos are all in high definition, meaning that he parties are filmed and the details are easily visible. The photos are there, too, for everyone who is not a fan of loud music and cheering, all for a very cheap price.


The amazing content, filmed in high definition, will take you to the heart of the party, where the hardcore sex action takes place, so that you can take part in it, and get your own orgasm.

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