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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 / Published in Porn Network
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Looking for a hot guy you want to have sex with? One of the highly recommended sites where you can get the best porn with the most attractive male porn stars in the industry is James Deen. Basically this website is named after the male protagonist of every video in the site, James Deen. This is the star’s nickname, though. His real name is Bryan Matthew Sevilla. Wondering how his name turned into James Deen? Well, he wanted to have the screenname Clint Cunnilingus but that was scratched so now he’s going by his actual nickname, and thank God he was talked out of it!

This male lead won’t be as attractive as he is right now if he had that kind of nickname, right? With James Deen, he won’t be turning off the girls even when the latter hasn’t even seen his face. Of course, when talking about his face, he’s irresistible enough that you’d surely want to have sex with him in real life. He’s good looking enough to be casted in various mainstream movies and be paired in various sex scenes with Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan, Emilia Clarke, and Heather Graham! Just being able to have sex with these girls in mainstream movies just show how popular James Deen is in the porn industry. He not only has the skills in bed but also the professionalism to be in the spotlight without feeling ashamed of the public.

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Design and features

The professional design of his website actually gives that feeling that, yes, this is the right website that you want to watch porn movies in. It is not like any other porn website where you will worry whether or not your computer is being infected by hidden malware or viruses. Aside from the design, there are also numerous features that you can enjoy with this website. In the website, the videos are already categorized. You can immediately find the videos of where James Deen is fucking with celebrity girls like Hathaway, Lohan, Graham, and Clarke. Aside from that, you can also get a glimpse of the latest updates and who the newly recruited porn stars are immediately right from the home page.

The videos will also be categorized according to hardcore scenes, off-set scenes, amateur scenes, cunnilingus scenes, titty fuck scenes, and so much more. There are already hundreds of videos uploaded on the site and you can choose to watch them in 1080p, 720p, or 480p quality. You can only watch them in their MP4 format, though. You can only stream the videos though. You’ll be able to enjoy photo galleries here in the website too. Just like with the videos, there are already hundreds of pictures that you can view here in the site. They are also high-resolution pictures. The only set back is that you are unable to download these images in zip file. Although the pictures are all in high resolution, be aware that these images have a watermark in them. That is only a given considering that all of the pictures and videos here are exclusive content. The watermark is placed on the images to show the exclusivity of the said material.

Both the videos and the photo galleries are updated on a regular basis. If you want to be one of the girls who wants to be fucked by James Deen in real life, you can apply to be his bed partner too. There’s a button on the site where you can do just that. If you want to know more about James Deen, what he is currently doing, or anything generally related to him, you can visit his blog too.

Girls & Videos

Indeed, James Deen is one of the hottest and lovable porn star in the industry. He has started making porn videos ever since he was of age. With his gorgeous looks and long tenure in the industry, there is no shock there when he appeared in numerous mainstream movies such as ‘The Canyons’, ‘Killing Me Softly’, ‘Game of Thrones’, and so much more! The best thing about the videos that are posted on his sites, with the exception of the ones he shot with popular mainstream actresses, all of them are his own production. You know that James Deen is one of the top porn stars in the industry simply because there are a lot of other stars who have the hots for him. They are even okay with having sex with him off-set.

The videos are all in high definition quality. Aside from the popular actresses like Hathaway, Clarke, and such, there are other porn stars who have been fucked by James Deen in his videos. Some of them include Jay Taylor, Mason Moore, Ava Addams, Krissy Lyn, Karley Grey, Emma Snow, and Devon Lee. These are the girls that he had fucked in hardcore videos found on the website. These girls are not only seductive and gorgeous, they are quite erotic as well. Their wantonness will obviously appear once James Deen does his thing. With James Deen, acts like cunnilingus, titty fuck, pussy eating, and other hardcore sex plays are a piece of cake. With this obviously amazing sex techniques, wouldn’t that entice you to do a scene with him? Some of the highly recommended videos that you may want to watch here in James Deen website include “Better Than Superman”, “Not Quite a Foursome”, “The Vaping Butthole”, “Secret Anal”, and “A Tattoed Girl and a Hardcore Makeout Session”.


You will surely love visiting James Deen website everyday. After all, you’ll get to enjoy hardcore, amateur, and many other types of sex videos in the site all for some change a day. You won’t regret paying for this amount since new videos are added to the website on a regular basis too. The materials that you can find in the site are all exclusive ones, you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

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