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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 / Published in Asian Porn Sites
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Just imagine, it is a typical Saturday morning. You wake up, head over to the kitchen and realize that you’re out of coffee, so you get out of the house to buy one. Luckily there’s a nearby convenience store. While you’re inside, though, you suddenly see a really cute Japanese chick and she’s not wearing anything! You try to wake yourself up when you realize that you are not dreaming at all. We are fucking serious. This awesome experience can only be possible with this porn site that we have recently discovered, and this porn site’s name is Japanese Flashers. Japanese Flashers is a porn site that shows the hottest Japanese girls flashing their naked beauty in public. Still, can’t believe it? Then we invite you to visit the site and check it out for yourself. In fact, according to the site’s tagline, Japanese Flashers “is dedicated to all those who enjoy outdoor surprises in the form of naked Asian dolls”.

This porn site is part of the big Asian porn network that includes the legendary Idols 69 network, home of the most famous Asian pornstars. Hence, if you are a fan of this type of porn, then we totally recommend that you consider joining Japanese Flashers, not to mention that it will also give you access to the entire network as well. And we are talking about more than twenty awesome sites dedicated to Japanese porn. They even have those specialty genres that are unique to Japanese porn like cosplay and hentai.

Other porn sites within the network are Japanese Matures (dedicated to hot Asian MILFs), Anal Nippon (for those of you who enjoy anal action), and Weird Japan (for those who enjoy weird fetishes like the invisible man and time stop porn), just to name a few. If you are already interested in joining then allow us to give you the different membership plans that Japanese Flashers have. First, there is the one that gives you a month’s worth of access, the next one gives you three months worth of access, and finally, one that gives you a year’s worth of full access. And by “full access” we mean unlimited downloading and streaming of all their exclusive high-quality videos that you won’t find elsewhere, except within the porn site Japanese Flashers, and all the other porn sites within the network.

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Design and features

The website design of Japanese Flashers is very different compared to the black-themed porn sites that we are so used to see. They have a very feminine type of design, with the color theme of purple with pink accents. Upon landing on the homepage, you will get to see a welcome banner that contains a collage of the most interesting scenes in their collection. Aside from that, you will also get some information about the porn site along with their current site statistics. Right now they currently have more than four thousand five hundred videos. Scrolling down you will then see the previews of their latest video. Each preview is composed of a few thumbnails that show the most action-filled scenes, just to give you an idea of what to expect. Aside from that, you will also see the video’s length, the file size (which is very helpful for those who want to download we rarely see this type of information from other porn sites), the title of the video, and finally a short synopsis of what the video is all about. Then, at the site’s footer, after numerous of different previews, you will then see the links to the other porn sites within the network.

Girls & Videos

What we really liked about the porn site Japanese Flashers is its well-balanced selection of women. You will get to see a lot of famous Japanese pornstars here like Maki Mizusawa and Tsubasa Arai, but you are also going to enjoy seeing amateur stars too who are just starting out in the business. We like that because we get to see a lot of fresh faces that we have never seen before. Aside from that, we also like the fact that they are all Japanese too. We don’t know about you guys, but we just love Japanese women with their proportionate bodies and tight pussies. Sometimes really big, and out of this world boobs, freak the hell out of us. But you won’t see those here.

You will see normal sized women, with cute waists, and round breasts in just the right size. As for the videos, well, we must say that the women here sure have a lot of guts to be able to do the things that you will find them doing in the porn site like walking on a footbridge then suddenly deciding to unbutton her shirt to flash her boobs and take a picture, or masturbate inside a room in a video store! This certainly adds a dash of thrill in the videos which totally helps in giving us a hard on every single time. One of our favorites is also one of the most outrageous porn that we’ve ever seen. It is where six girls participate in nude games. All of them are completely naked and they ran in a race and even went over some hurdles! Watching those boobs and ass shake as these girls get dusty and sweaty is really fun.


In the end, all we can say is that no one will ever regret signing up for this porn site, especially those who love Asian beauty and those who enjoy watching Japanese porn. For those who haven’t experienced it yet, we also encourage you to enter the world of Japanese porn because it is really a different world compared to its Western counterparts. If you ask us, we even think it is more creative and definitely way more fun than watching Western porn, but that’s just us. We advise you to see and decide for yourself.

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