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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
Popular porn pay site for sexy European women.


If you’re wandering through the British streets you might find Jim and Lara recruiting girls and taking them home to have an amazing time. It seems like his wife makes Jim do this and he doesn’t look like he’s sad about it. The general consumer would love to have Jim’s life and through the site, you can gate a little taste of how it is.

Design and features

Jim’s site has a very simple and content-oriented design. The site is organized as a single column to scroll down where you will see a “woman of the week” feature, trailers for a few movies about the site and after that six rows with five stills and a little description of the movies for you to choose. The site is updated on a weekly basis as you can see from the video descriptions Jim leaves for his regular users. On top of the page, you can read a short description of the idea behind the videos and who the makers of the videos are and you can even see the awards Jim has won.

The visual display of the site is very easy on the eyes as the black and gray background lets you focus on the gorgeous women on the videos. On top of the page, you have a navigation bar with two categories to choose from depending if you want to search by updated time or by girl wich features thumbnails of every girl that takes you to the particular movie when you click it. There’s also a link for a live cam and the information for members and members login. Since the site promotes that it’s now mobile phone compatible I’ve tried it and the truth is that it works perfectly and the navigation on the phone is just as fast as in the computer.

Girls & Videos

Blondes, brunettes, redheads you name it… Jim’s site has a wide variety of beautiful women of different ages, breast sizes and bodies that will make you envy his life. The one thing they have in common is that they look like an average girl that Jim and his wife found on the street and went home with them. The stills for the videos show mostly Jim with one woman, however, there seem to be a great amount of Threesomes that include Lara, Jim’s wife. A lot of Girl on Girl action and a wide number of masturbation scenes can also be found. Navigating through the pages you can see that there’s a big amount of videos in which a fantasy is played out, such as country girl, sailor, maid and a lot more.

Unfortunately, if you are not a member of the site the only videos you can see are three short videos in which Jim and Lara talk about their work, how they recruit the girls on the street and the long history of the site. The information for the movies, however, states that you can get them in three different qualities (low res, high res and 1080p).


The site looks very well done and everything is oriented to the idea of encountering women on the street and bringing them home with you, even the movies’ synopsis help to that. I would have loved to be able to see a trailer for the movies or something more that just 5 stills before choosing to subscribe since it’s not the cheapest subscription. However, the photographs were very tempting and all the girls seem to be having a great deal of fun.

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