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Friday, 14 March 2014 / Published in Other
Most popular pay porn website if you're into top notch creampie flicks


Once you see a girl get her face jizzed on, it is hard not to search for many videos of such a nature, and watch them over and over again. There are a lot of videos, however, that just fail to impress, with sloppy pornstar yelling and over the top action, yet there are sites like JizzPix, of an amateur nature, and completely dedicated to the one thing that we love the most, facials and creampies.

Design and features

This site is done in such an unbelievably simple way, that getting around is very easy, and seeing all the content becomes obvious. The site has a very nice logo with a spermatozoid in the background, with a curious smile, one that might inspire you to look at the many, many previews of the photos and the videos, that you could find among the pages of the site, and on the home page, too. The previews are amazing, as you instantly get to see some of the facials and creampies. The site is friendly in other ways, sorting the videos accordingly, to the many criteria that in turn, makes the search for the best facial very easy.

The site does indeed offer perks, among the many other great things, such as a very speedy and fast service. The pages load instantly, and so do the videos and the photos. The site is also very much optimized, which can easily be seen once you log onto it with any mobile device, ready to enjoy porn from your bed.

Girls & Videos

Yet this site is about cum, facials and creampies, and that is the best feature of it, and especially the fact that all of the videos are from amateurs, promising real life action that people love to do. Get ready to see girls suck dicks, many of them, at once, and eat all the cum that they spray on her face. Oh, yes, all that sweet jizz does get on her boobs, too, and another girl is waiting, ready to lick it up and swap it, too. Threesomes are common, so you can expect one cock to be completely milked by two, or three or four girls, until it is completely dry and the girls completely satisfied. Likewise, girls sometimes love to get three cocks or four to cum on their tits, mouth, pussy and every other part of their bodies. There is no need to mention that the girls will be different, as different as their preference for jizz and cock sucking.

Get ready to see different resolutions, too, as sometimes the videos are crystal clear, in full HD, bringing forth to life those amazing close ups, and sometimes they are pixelated, and the action can barely be seen, yet it is still pleasing, as we know that it is real, those secretaries sucking on their bosses’ cocks in the office. The videos are numerous, as are the photos, if you tire from all the orgasm sounds, both from the girls and the guys. Get ready to see cum on their panties and bras, boobs and pussies, mouths and faces, all for a very cheap fee, one that can easily be overlooked due to the great content.


Absolutely nothing comes close to a great blowjob, especially when said blowjob is performed by an amateur, on an amateur. You will stand to gain a lot of great porn on this site, and for a cheap price, too, never to be disappointed.

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