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Sunday, 27 March 2016 / Published in Pornographic Stars
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I love seeing the girls strip and pose in front of the camera, especially when I get lonely. I like to let my imagination loose with a girl that is masturbating in front of the camera, and with my good fortune, I have found one just like that. On kittygetfun, Kitty shies away from no challenge, and she loves to pose and masturbate for us, taunting and touching, getting us to an orgasm along with herself.

Design and features

What I love about Kitty’s site is the fact that it is very simple, yet very capturing, as I was not able to escape her grasp since. Not that I wanted to, since Kitty is very persuasive when it comes to seduction, and getting aroused. A simple photo of Kitty lies in the top part of the site, and below it is a textual introduction, next to it a video where Kitty introduces herself in a very seductive manner. There are a lot of stills from videos, along with actual pictures of Kitty, that are available as preview material, all the rest being saved for the members, which is something I recommend you become, as you would get a lot of stuff, since Kitty is very generous. Another thing that I love about her site is the way it runs, that is, very smoothly, and without any lag whatsoever. Apart from running great on the computers, it does very well on the mobile devices, too, giving me the pleasure of surfing and watching Kitty from the comfort of my bed.

Girls & Videos

I love Kitty and the way she is able to transfer her emotions, sluttiness and her general love for masturbation and, as it were, sex. When she starts to strip, you can see that she has a natural way of doing it, one that is very inviting, yet unlike anything pornstars would do. And that is for a reason, as Kitty is not a model, but your average girl with special skills that she loves to share with us, regularly. Very regularly, in fact, as the site is constantly updated. With Kitty being so vehement in getting new content to the site, you cannot really resist her, especially when she starts using those toys to get her sweet, wet pussy to a climax. Vibrating or not, it does not matter, especially when she brings in her girlfriend. Now, they like to pose, wear different outfits and get our imagination to work overtime, leading to a very fun experience, one that usually ends up with us having orgasms, all around. I love the way they dress up as huntresses and then get at one another in the woods. Taking off those overalls, licking each other’s nipples, pussies, and having screaming orgasms. What also came to my notice on Kitty’s site, besides her ever taunting body and face are the extra perks that Kitty brings in as gifts. Once you join, you would be able to download and stream any and all of her videos, and her photos. Another likable thing is the 20 or more sites you would get for the price of one. Given that they have so much different content, you would end up with a lot of porn.


Kitty is one slutty and lovely girl, at the same time. She is able to let out real passion, as well as plain old masturbation, and to drive us insane. Getting an orgasm would not be a problem, though getting your eyes off the screen might. At kittygetfun, you are the winner, as you get all the videos and photos you would like, all available for downloading, as well as 20 extra, daily updated sites, full of content so diverse, that you would never be disappointed. This website isn’t updated anymore, take a look at Pornstar Network to watch sex videos performed by xxx stars.

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