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Thursday, 14 April 2016 / Published in Shemales
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I have spent a lot of time looking at porn sites, at things that become really boring really soon, awful designs and content which is just repetitive, not to mention really boring, content which you cannot really view without being sick. Well, I found a site that made me jump with joy, and I admit, it is a bit different from what I usually search for. Krissy4U is a site where you can see Krissy, an Asian tgirl ready to show you what fun actually feels like, along with other things.

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Design and features

Now, her site has won many awards, and once you get to see it, you will understand why, especially once you see the pages, and once you join, and go and look at the content. The homepage is filled with pictures of Krissy, of her in action, by herself or with other dudes, and there are also descriptions, which summarize the action nicely. There is a huge image of Krissy in the top part of the page, where she lies, ready for you to see her.

The site has a free tour, so you can see some of the content before joining, yet the real deal awaits the members, the kinky action that you have been praying for. The site does indeed have sorting options and a search bar, things that make your browsing that much easier. I have also noticed that it has no lag, which makes for a great browsing experience, and that the site works on multiple devices so that you can take it wherever you go.

Girls & Videos

Krissy, now there is a tgril that got me horny instantly, even before I realized she was a tgirl. Now, that face is really cute, and you can see that she takes care of herself, despite her chubby body. Well, it has perks to it and I loved seeing her nice boobs and seeing her play with them. Her ass is really tight, and in the videos where she does solo action, you can see it stretch to take in a cock, and that looks just wonderful. I also loved seeing Krissy with other dudes, and she loves sucking cocks. But when she spreads those big and strong legs to take a cock in, she looks even better, her dick just being there, hard, ready to explode and make things even more interesting.

For Krissy, no place is forbidden, and she will masturbate anywhere, from public parks to bathrooms, and every other place she can think of. She loves cum, so seeing some on her face will be a frequent thing here on her site. I also enjoyed seeing Krissy put those black dildos in, all the way in, and hear her moan with pleasure. Now, her videos are in HD, and you can see all the details in them, just focus on the close-ups, and your dreams will come true. There are over 100 videos on her site, and counting, given how it is updated regularly. There are also a lot of photos, all of which look great, showing Krissy and her cock in action, or just having some solo fun and teasing all of us while doing so.


If you want to enjoy Krissy, then simply head on over to her site and see the naughtiest tgirl out there. She is good looking, with strong legs and a lust for sex, a lust that she nicely transfers from her videos to the viewers, and you will realize that once you join. Give Krissy a shot and you will want no other after that, so head on over to Krissy4U.

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