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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 / Published in Shemales
Great shemale adult site to have fun with some fine ladyboy material


Getting to change your tastes or try something new does indeed require some effort on your part, but doing so might result you in trying something really great, and even loving it. How about the best of both worlds, the perfect bodies and faces of Asian women, and huge dicks which they love to stroke, touch and play with. Such action you will find on Ladyboy where the cutest and most hardcore Asian tgirls meet to have so fun and surprise you, too.

Design and features

This site looks amazing, from the first glance you give it, to the end, where you try to watch all the videos and see all the photos. The home page has a nice sliding image, one that will show you images of ladyboys, sitting there, posing, playing with their tits and dicks, and below, there is a gird like preview of the models, the ladyboys, again, and they are super hot, and their names and descriptions are written by their photos. That way, you get a taste of the action, but, the real deal is reserved for the members, only. With that in mind, you should join, as then you get access to perks, among other things, but you also get to use the sorting options, the search bar, and you can find your new favorite models easily, and without much effort. The site also helps you in more ways than one, as it has no lag, and opening pages on it is pure pleasure. That goes too for the mobile devices, so you can have your pleasure on the go.

Girls & Videos

There is a passion that the Asian girls have that they know how to transfer to the screen, even more so when it comes to fucking. Tgirls also have that passion, yet they also have the added element of being really hardcore, so that they can show and do even more stuff than your regular girl. For starters, they can fuck and get fucked, which makes them even hotter, as you can see a lot of variety in just one video. They are different though, with very different hairstyles, and a different approach to sex. Some like stroking their dicks in the privacy of their bedrooms, and later share it with the world, while others have no problem fucking in front of the camera. There are a lot of guys that love having sex with these ladyboys, and that makes it even better.

Seeing a hot dude plow a tgirl is really something, but, seeing a tgril plow him back makes for an even better show, especially when they both cum at the same time. The cum explosions are indeed frequent here, and you can see them and witness the tiglrs play with it and eat it. The videos are really nice to look at, with high resolutions, HD, to begin with, and they last over 20 minutes, each. With that in mind and the fact that there are over 1900 videos on the site, updated frequently, you have a lot of porn at your disposal, everything you might enjoy, and more. Add to that the 190000 and more photos, and you can have a dream come true site.


For a cheap fee, joining this paradise should be your top priority. You get to see Asian tgirls, the cutest of them all, with perfect, feminine faces, perky tits and a nice ass, and a huge dick, too, they will seduce you and help guide you into a new world of pleasure. Over 700 models await you on Ladyboy, and if I were you, I would not hesitate to try it out.

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