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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 / Published in Shemales
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Hello and welcome, to the world of hardcore action, so hardcore that you might reconsider joining, but, once you see the content, you will surely be drawn into the world of Ladyboy-Ladyboy, the original site that deals with ladyboys of Asian origins. They have some of the cutest and some of the most hardcore models that you can imagine and they are still here, strong and with a lot to show for it, so go on and check them out, you will see for yourself.

Design and features

I have seen a lot of nicely designed sites, yet this one takes the cake, as it is really a good one. There is something about a non-confusing design that makes people stay and join, especially since they lose not a second of their time on needless data, eye candy and other stuff that just clutter up space. With a red and blue background, some text to explain what they are all about, and a lot of ladyboy pictures, you get to enjoy a free tour and see a bit of the action before joining. The real action, however, is reserved for the members, only, and getting there requires you to pay a cheap fee.

Seeing how a site like this would be worth any fee, then you should definitely consider joining, even more so because they sort out their many videos and they have a search bar to help you navigate through them. The site will have you without any lag, so that you can load the videos and watch them in any time of the day, wherever you want, due to its optimization for all the devices.

Girls & Videos

However the technicalities of the site may seem and be better than the rest of them, the content is usually what attracts people, and it is not different in this case, either. I assume that you have seen at least one ladyboy, but, you probably might not have seen those as cute as the Asians. They are lovely, their faces sprout with innocence, yet they have more experience than a lot of the people watching them, not to mention that their bodies are amazingly hot, their asses nice and tight, and their cocks hard and ready to ravage another ladyboy’s ass. The masturbation scenes are nice, seeing one of the ladyboys stroke her own cock, to the point until it explodes with cum, while at the same time putting an anal plug in her ass, just to make it more explosive.

But when there are more of them in the same video, the action gets thus kinkier, when they start fucking each other in the ass, while stroking the free cock, just to make things hornier. There is no need to say that they will be different, but with 2000 models, you can expect nothing less. Over 3000 videos await you on the site, each lasting at least 20 minutes, each having content that will blow your mind. The site also has photos, over 390000 of them, which is a lot, considering that the site is updated regularly, you can only imagine how much you have yet to see if you go there and start browsing, at this moment.


Consider yourself lucky, some people go through a lot and never find about Ladyboy-Ladyboy, the original site which hosts Asian ladyboys, and has done so for the past 19years, so go on and give them a visit, and it is surely a visit you will not regret.

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