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Great pay porn site with fetish videos.


If you’ve been spending all your time on the internet searching for those hardcore BDSM sex. Well, you can stop searching now. You see I’ve been digging around the internet for the most hardcore BDSM site. I can tell you, It’s really tiring. But alas, we have found it. This site is named Limitedaudience. Now let me tell you, if you think you’ve seen all there is about hardcore, think again! This site is all about bounding all those cute and sexy beautiful women and turning them into girls that have lost all dignity and hope of ever walking again! You might think I’m exaggerating, but man, these are all understatements! The girls you’ll be seeing here are really getting it. Believe me when I say this, they will do absolutely anything they are commanded to do!

Fifty Shades is NOTHING compared to what you’re about to witness here! Even Nymphomaniac Vol. 2 has nothing to say about this site! That’s why I know that the name of the site is for real! Make sure you’ve climbed the ladder of hardcore high enough, co’z if not, you’re in for a shocking roller coaster ride of Torment sex. A little background checks though; this site has just recently started its porn business. Which means, it’s still pretty new, which means, more room for amateurs, which means, more girls to fuck who have absolutely no idea what their getting theirselves into. Why? Because this site even features videos where the girls are having their first time. Now I don’t know about you but this site has got it all. Now let us try to cut this down one by one shall we?

Design and features

The website design is pretty flawless. First off let’s start with the fashion. This site has a dark scheme all around it. With some little rose patterns behind the background, and all in all it implores a really dark vibe. Very nice and very good for the eyes. The first thing that would probably get the user’s attention is the cover pic that’s right in front of you once you enter the homepage. This cover pic is like a slideshow that features all the latest videos of the site. By just looking at these slide animations of the cover pics, I can say the developers did a great job. I’ll talk more about the fucking scenes later.

Next up we got the Models page. In this page you’ll find a very interactive collection of all the models they host in Limitedaudience. When you try and hover your mouse over the pictures, they change from black and white profiles pictures into colored once. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the pictures are displayed as black and white. Nicely matches the color scheme of the site. The models are arranged in alphabetical position. Makes it really easy for you to find your favorite model if you know her by name. But don’t worry, I’ll be sharing you a list of the best models they have on site. In the Help page, here you’ll have all your questions answered. You see they have a collection of mostly asked questions by the users, a guide for technical concerns and even an opportunity for you to contact them regarding your concerns.

Now in the Latest page, all the latest news and photos and videos are here. One might think it’s a little redundant for them to make this page but actually it’s very helpful. In this page you won’t have to search for the latest hot stuff in the videos or photos page. The content gets easily jumbled if it’s that simple. So this Latest page is the most convenient way to find those new hot stuff. It even features latest news. I would also like you to notice the blog page. I’m really amused by this page. It’s not very often you find porn sites welcoming this many critics, all the more, allow the critics to literally hand you their own comments and reviews. Well that’s exactly what you’ll find in the blog page. All the Critics, reviews, comments and even highlights about the site is all wrapped up in their Blog page. Very good for judging whether you’d want to be a member or not.

Girls & Videos

Now to what we’ve all been waiting for! The girls of this site are super damn hot. But what makes it even better is the look on their eyes. You see, as they are getting tormented and fucked on all sorts of positions, they still maintain eye contact on the camera. That’s just simply amazing. You can really see the anguish in their eyes. These girls are also very non-tolerant with all these stuff they’re going through. Which means, they’ll reach their limit really soon. But the Dom doesn’t care, so you’ll be perfectly satisfied.

The girls are also very diverse in this site, you’ll see a lot of blondies, ebony, Asians, Russians, and others. They also get to wear a whole variety of clothes. You’ll see some wearing latex, high heels, satins, a whole lot of different outfits and more. Now I promised you the list of the best models they have here right? Well here they, the best of the bunch. Alais Peach, Ammalia, Beckykat, Ebony, Elle, Ivory, Kelly, Lazuli, Sammie B, Victoria May, Sapphire, and Nattsuko. These girls are freaking hot and fierce that you’ll love seeing them get embarrassed and tormented till they lose all their dignity. The videos are also very high quality and the resolution go as big as 720p. I’m sure that’s enough to keep all their fans satisfied.


This site has proven a lot for itself. I’ll have to admit, Limitedaudience is everything about BDSM. You’re sure to find all you’ve been looking for in this site. As for the verdict, I’m giving it a 100/100. Why? Simply because the models are one of the best I’ve seen in all BDSM sites I’ve been through, the acting’s not fake and the video quality delivers as well.

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