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If you are one of those people having a difficult time fulfilling your personal fantasies, specifically the uniform fetish, then we are on the same boat. These girls are cheerers from bow to toe and they are rocking that uniform like nobody’s business. Which is why it is my sincerest pleasure to introduce to you LovelyCheerleaders, the leading and top rated adult video website for the uniform fetish category.

Design and features

As I write this review, I am renewing my membership and let me tell you this was not the first time I encountered LovelyCheerleaders. I actually visited LovelyCheerleaders two years ago and I was completely turned off by the flashing text, mismatched colors and overall bad design. But now it’s the new year and gone were the rainbow comic sans, clashing colors, and cluttered content. The website formation was completely overhauled and now their new look is truly simple but quite eye-catching! Now it is all streamlined with their strategic lay out of the website. The simple white, grey, and black design clearly accentuates the colorful preview tiles of each video.

Below each preview tile is the necessary information such as the title (usually with the name of the porn star/s), length of the clip or movie, rating, date uploaded, and the number of views. LovelyCheerleaders may be about the cheer squad, but if you look on to your left-hand side, you can see a couple of key features that people are really cheering for. You can look at videos through their categories such as when it was updated (week, month, last visit), top rated, most viewed, or in alphabetical order. The same goes for their picture galleries. If you are looking for something specific, then the search bar at the top right will be your friend.

Simply type whatever keyword you have in mind for example “Outdoor”, and it will list all content that contained the term or tag “Outdoor”. Of course, the possibilities and search options are endless, and all of these at incredibly affordable prices! To put things in perspective, a 3 months membership costs less than a meal for two at a fast food restaurant, and that sounds like a lot of money being saved to me! But if you are the doubting Thomas kind, then no worries since they have a trial membership.

The Trial Membership will give you limited access to the website and you have the option to cancel it at any time. However, I recommend canceling or signing up before the trial ends in order to avoid having your fun cut short. But their easy to use website and affordable prices are not the only thing that piqued my interest, it is also their girls and videos.

Girls & Videos

We all know cheer girls bring in nothing but their best and gosh darn it, do they bring their best! These talented, athletic and cute gal know hot to bring out a performance in their short skirts and low-cut tops of indiscernible teams. They have got the team spirit and will do everything to raise more than your spirit, if you know what I mean! Whatever your kink is, they are bound to have it whether it’s hot blondes having some outdoor fun with her quarterback boyfriend, sexy brunettes having a little lesbian action with her fellow cheerers in the locker room, or some busty redheads having a solo masturbation shower session.

These girls are all ready for you in both videos and pictures. For the 220,000+ videos, most of them are in high definition but standard definition is available to those with a slow or unstable internet connection while the 2,900,000+ pictures are all in glorious high definition. As for the pictures, they are grouped into galleries that are usually linked with the videos. These galleries contain at least 100 photos in them and can either be downloaded individually or as a set, wrapped up in a neat ZIP file.

I personally download the photos by the set and just delete the ones that are not too appealing to me, such as photos with just the men and none of the girls. But you might be thinking, “Can I watch these videos offline?”, and the answer to that is yes! All of their content can be either streamed or downloaded for your offline viewing pleasure. What’s even better is the fact that you can choose to download them in low, medium, or high definition. As another bonus feature, the content is not limited for the desktop computers, it can be viewed or downloaded from other internet capable devices such as mobile phone, tablets, even a Play Station Portable! Talk about covering their bases! As if their offer wasn’t any better, they are even duking out a bonus feature, which is access to at least 10 different websites!

No, you aren’t reading that wrong, LovelyCheerleaders is giving their members access to their sister websites such as Fantastic Cum Shots, All Hot Lesbians, Czech Sex Club and 7 more niche websites.


Now that halftime has ended, it is time to go back to business and judge if the performance LovelyCheerleaders did wins the gold medal, or if they go home empty-handed. To review, they offer high quality content in high definition format, easy access to videos and images, seamless browsing, unlimited streaming, and unlimited downloading, all at incredibly affordable prices!

That’s a 10 out of 10 for me! If I do get a little bored of looking at uniforms for awhile, I have access to their sister websites like Czech Sex Club, All Hot Lesbians, and Fantastic Cum Shots, plus 7 more websites! If you really want to check the website out with zero commitment, then I would suggest the Trial Membership that you can cancel at any given time, provided it is before the expiry date. Now you know what it takes to be part of the squad, all you have to do is to sign up, and don’t worry there won’t be any cheerleading try-outs for members!

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