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Sunday, 26 February 2017 / Published in Gonzo
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What kind of feeling and emotions does the name Lubed provoke in you? Sexy? Passionate? Or just in between? Well, I am here to solidify the fact that you will have nothing less than pleasurable encounters on Lubed. The site is all about group sex action that evokes the kind of sexual feeling that you have never been able to experience before. This is not your mama’s porn site, it features sexy porn stars who are drenched in lube and are ready for some wet and slippery action. They are not ashamed nor are they afraid to lure you into their world with the very best of seduction tricks, even before you know it, they will have you in their sexy trap faster than you can say, ‘lubed.’

The site is still new and only comprise of a limited collection. The encounter that you will have here is more or less like eating a delicious piece of pizza that you pray to God would never end. Every bite that you take comes with the confirmation that the tastiness is also coming to an end. In the same token, the scenes on Lubed are not in thousand-fold, but they are enticing and exciting enough to make the collection truly irresistible. Do not be afraid to join in the fun and grab some lube too. It is the only way that you can be sure that your pleasurable moments are worthwhile.

As a site that was launched in 2016, Lubed still has a lot of growing to do but from the look of things, this is something that you should not be worried about. As soon as you log into the platform, you will be engulfed in the ecstasy that each and every scene comes with. Describing its content with the words ‘Raw Wet/Sex’, you can be certain that you will truly have a blast. This is a site with a different concept.

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Design and features

Lubed is all about quality first. Taking a tour on this pleasure portal introduce you to all whole new world of satisfaction, ensuring that you look at it with a different perspective. Due to the limited collection, it is quite easy to get around and explore all that the portal has in store for you. So where do we start? Initially, you may think that Lubed is all about great massages but the truth of the matter is that the models may be dripping with oil but a massage is the furthest thing from their mind.

The content has been loaded in two blocks, subdivided evenly and arranged systematically so that you can get a particular scene in the shortest time possible. Each flick comes with an upload date proving that Lubed still intends to grow its collection. Therefore signing up is a gamble that you will pay off in future. The site gives off an overly exciting vibe that will ensure you thoroughly enjoy every moment of pleasure that you will get here.

Each scene can be downloaded for a total of seven times. Streaming can also be done through a flash player, leaving you certain that you will be able to make the most of the available options. You will be so impressed by the standard of movies and models and the way that they capture that lovely wet and slippery action. You will have a number of viewing option including 2016×4000 sized scenes or HD resolution movies. The photos are also great, with around 180 images per set. The images can be used as wallpapers because they are available in the largest of sizes. They are accompanied by good sized screen caps and easy thumbnails page that will enhance your browsing. The portal offers a good number of sign up deals that will entice you into securing your Membership. The content is 100% exclusive and cannot be enjoyed on any other similar porn site.

Girls & Videos

Gorgeous would be an understatement in describing the models who will give you joy in this platform. A majority of them are polished porn stars while the rest are starlets who are ready to show you how far to cloud nine they can take you. They must be the most flexible bunch that you have ever enjoyed because the manner in which the beauties spread their thighs, ready for penetration is enough to make you orgasm.

The lubed-dripping bodies have a way of enticing you and convincing you that you will never get any other experience such as this one. The best aspect of the sex on Lubed is that it features all manner of excitement. The models are porn stars get down in groups of three and four and tackle one or two cocks alike. There is no doubt that the impending pleasure that you will find here is more than you could ever find elsewhere.

Brunettes seem to dominate this platform but blondes and other models who have dyed their hair using different colors have not been left behind. Some of the models are all-natural while others showcase great boob jobs. The sex takes place both in the indoor and outdoor and depending on what floats your boat, you will get it all here. These beauties must really spend a substantial amount of time in the gym in order to have such bangin’ bodies. The way that the beauties sit on cock is almost as if to tell you that they were born for these roles. They do their best to hold your attention and the way they captivate you is simply out of this world.


There is nothing negative that can be said about Lubed. The quality of the flicks is absolutely amazing; they look good and sound good too. The site also has a great design that is highly interactive and ensures that you can confidently take a tour and find out what is in store. Lubed is also a unique site that ensures you get a one of a kind experience that you may not get on other ordinary platforms. Sign up and take a trip to the best side of ecstasy!

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