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Saturday, 18 June 2016 / Published in Fetish
High quality adult website for erotic massages.


Milking table is a creative porn platform that incorporates a variety of sex teasing performances with therapy techniques. You are presented with gorgeous girls captured in erotic stunts as they go under the table to suck those cocks dangling through a hole on a massage parlor table. Now don’t look at me like that! These are sex therapy practical sessions presented to you for fun and pleasure. Who knows! It might be the therapy you need to get you started yet again.

Design and features

There is an impressive design and layout approach to this platform. I loved the look of the home page with a black ribbon on the top pane and the white snow-background that dominates the rest of the background space. Navigation on Milking Table has been simplified and carefully thought out. There’s a clear list of categories for you to check out the various services available on the platform. You also have a tagged list of images that are vidcaps of the scenes in the HD quality movies that lie underneath. Clicking on any of these images leads you straight to the heart of action. In addition, you have a model index that assists you to go straight to the model of your choice.

The platform is easily accessible from PC and other mobile devices. I check out the content on Milking Table straight from my mobile device. I liked the way it loads fast and seamlessly. Users are allowed to stream videos and download as much as they wish. There are two quality formats through which you can access the video and photos. There is the high quality MP4, and Flash Player format. The latter is especially robust and versatile in streaming. Users can skip scenes in the browser and go straight to the sections they prefer in the flicks. If you are excited with the provision of bonus sites in your sex escapades, you are lucky here too.

Girls & Videos

You are treated to a rich variety of cuties with curvaceous figures and attractive demeanor. The girls are clearly perfect pieces of creation. They are captured as they go under those giant massage tables and squat to suck up the dangling cocks. The dudes can’t help but lose themselves to the erotic pleasures they get from these tender and skillful sex teasers. The girls suck and give sensual hand jobs that make sure the dudes produce a lot of man-milk that comes in strong torrents and is prayed all over the their faces and body. If these cuties can’t turn you on with their carefully enacted titillating sex performances, nothing will. It never gets hotter.

There are scenes that present the girls in threesome hardcore action as they allow the dudes the privilege to visit their pink holes with rock hard cocks. Meet hot and sexy blonde, Niki Snow. She is endowed with a beautifully carved out figure and sharp sexy eyes. You will love the site of her nipples that can be spotted from the transparent designer bra she loves to wear as she teases her sex subjects and mates. She offers one of the dudes a hot blowjob that makes him soar with pleasure as he begs for more. Talk of girl power, Niki is captured in full control of her sex encounters. Catch up with 55 videos that come with a 15 minute playback per flick. You also have 56 galleries to entertain you on Milking Table. Each has an average of 120 photos in high res.


Milking Table is a dynamic site that was started recently but is growing at an impressive pace. The quality of their content is above average. You get HD quality flicks and a great selection of cuties. The content is updated on weekly basis.

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