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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 / Published in Public Porn Sites
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Nudist-video is a soft porn site that specializes in nudist exploration. You get to savor some scenic views with both men and spectacular beauties in their skin as they feel easy walking and playing around on sunny beaches. There is no sex involved in but trust me, viewing these girls in their skin isn’t far from having a go at them.

Design and features

The site is generally draped in white background hue. There is an occasional orange splatter here and there but white is what you see most of the time. There is a sense of organization on the site. I got a chance to assess the content right from the point that I landed. There are clearly outlined categories of what users should expect underneath. The site even comes with an elaborate search tool. Navigation never gets easier with this tool. In addition, I had a list of gorgeous models in captions listed on the page. Clicking on one of the gorgeous blondes in the captions led me to a full videos scene where the cutie unleashes her style and goodies to the cameras. My verdict for the design and layout is that there is all you need to have your fun seamlessly. It is a great user experience site at which you won’t regret parting with your bucks for entertainment.

Most of the models are featured in group stunts as they roam about the open beaches and pose for great sensual photos. If you wish to view some captions before you jump into the deep end, things have been made much easier for you. You can click on the free video that is available on their home page and catch a glimpse of the action. It was great to watch the hot cuties walk around while nude in outdoor locations. It is even greater that the site has optimized the platform for mobile access. I can access the site right behind my steering wheel as I wait in traffic. The loading speed is remarkably fast. I have no complaints about the tech. abilities of the site’s designers. Although I learnt that there are no live cam or bonus shows, I was contented with the rich content underneath.

Girls & Videos

The models are gorgeous. Their performance is even more spectacular. They feel so easy and excited at the fact that someone is watching. So they pose and spread out for you to see the goodies. There is a rich mix of girls on the site. Whatever your taste , I can promise you that it is harder to miss your favorite here than it is to find one on a pageant show. There is a rich mix of models from various backgrounds. You won’t miss your type here. I was tickled and aroused to the limit with the games that the girls play. On one occasion, I watched the girls in a beach volleyball game. They stopped at some point and rode on each other’s backs. I wished I was the one carrying and imagined how it felt for a hairy pussy to rub against my back.

There are great videos in great quality here. You won’t need to go elsewhere for a long time once you subscribe. You have over 345 scenes with a 4 minute playback per set. The files are available in MP4 and Flash Player formats to make it easy to stream directly on the site. If you wish to enjoy your soft porn in still photos, there are over 230 galleries with an average of 50 photos per piece. You won’t download any of these but you can access them any time you wish on any device that can access the net.


I loved the exclusive content on the site. The latest videos come in HD form. Nudist-video is a great site for voyeur fans. I always visit the platform for some light erotic moments. It is great stuff to watch even when you are bored at a meeting. You can access the flicks on your lap as you pretend to follow the proceedings.

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