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Sunday, 17 January 2016 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
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Ourhomeclips is dedicated to providing you with amateur home made movies and related content. The site takes an impressive turn and supplies you with fresh sex movies and some nude performances with highly attractive and sexy hot models. You will have a chance to sample a collection of sex scenes captured in natural environments. These scenes are great because they are a marked departure from the apparent choreographed performances featured on most other porn sites in modern day.

Design and features

Yellow is not a common hue on many porn sites, or even other types of sites. Yet, this is the preferred hue on this site. Well, you see, we have mentioned it as an outstanding feature. I guess, therefore, if the owners wanted attention from visitors, they’ve got it already. There are some categories outlined for ease of navigation. I also love the array of tagged captions on the landing page. They helped me to get an idea of what the content looks like. There is even a free tour provided for new users. So I must say they have done a commendable job. If you fall into glitches, it might just be that the site has outgrown some of the previously very effective features. This is possible; given the frequent updates of content on the site. I have, lately, viewed plenty of videos that were never there at my subscription. The site was particularly impressive because of the way it turns out as natural. We all yearn for a fresh look at ourselves. We don’t have to be stars to impress either. So when I saw the real amateur photos and movies that are said to have been shot by the couples involved, I eased up and switched to a relaxed enjoyment mode. I loved the fact that it is possible to resize the videos and photos directly on the site. I could also access the site via my mobile phone; something that made entertainment so handy and convenient. The loading speed is impressive too. My only complaint about the site is the mixed quality of content availed. However, when I come to think of it, the scenes are recorded by amateurs in their homes, so I think I must give them thumbs up for a good job. In any case it is not their preoccupation. That’s why they are referred to as amateurs. The design and layout has some issues too but it worked for me. I think I would have a greater time with some more browsing tools thrown in there. It took me sometime before I got the full picture of the services on offer but I loved it all the same; thanks to the categories and the free tour available on their landing page. Well, I wouldn’t say there is a bonus site involved there since what I had was free access because I’m a member of an affiliate site: Homemade Porn Pass.

Girls & Videos

There are several scenes in which you will see a girl masturbating until she reaches the peak of sensual excitement. If you are drawn to fetishes, you will also find home on this site. There are a lot of videos featuring girls sucking up the man-milk from the loins of their male partners. It seems most of the girls have a special place for blowjobs in their sex encounters. I had a chance to see grown men groan and roar with pleasure as the gorgeous models cupped their dicks in their mouths and sucked them deep in their throats. There is no shortage of semen on the site. The girls get enough of it on their bellies, around their crotch, faces and on their boobs. There are over 4399 videos to savor on the site. Each of the videos can play for an average of one minute. The files can be streamed or downloaded. They are available in MP4 and Flash Player formats. If you wish to slow down, there are 12008 galleries to sample. The number of pics in the galleries varies greatly.


Ourhomeclips is a pack of variety and sensual action. I loved the eagerness, the innocent looks on some faces and the great fucking scenes involving milfs and amateur dudes. There is quite a great amount of content to savor here.

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