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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 / Published in BBW
Nice bbw porn site for big-ass chicks.


If there was ever a porn site that I liked, then it would be Pawg. Why? Well, for starters, they have content that the other sites do not have, and even more so, that content is of the highest quality. What is even better about it, are the girls featured there, as they are really cute, but mostly, they have really big butts, big white butts that get penetrated by huge cocks. Pleasure all around with this site, pleasure for everyone, anywhere you go.

Amazing bbw adult site to enjoy some stunning girls with big butts

Design and features

The things that make this site different do not only lie in the design, which does indeed make it noticeable, but also in the optimization, which many other sites do not have. The first thing that you notice when you get there is that you can see more than just one preview, one window, there on the home page. The actual page has a blue menu bar with a rainbow-colored logo of the site, and to the right, a pink joining button and next to it a gray login one. Below, you do have the previews, so many of them that you can actually spend a lot of time just looking at the said previews.

They are all stills taken from videos, which change once you highlight them, showing stills from the same video that they were taken from. What you also get to see, is the site’s optimization, right there on the homepage. As you join, you do get to see that first-hand, as the videos load instantly, but getting to them takes even less time as you have the sorting options to help you, as well as a search bar. Surely enough, you can browse the site and its pages from the mobile devices, all of them, as the user-friendliness is great here.

Girls & Videos

But, what the friendliness brings you is only that proximity to the porn, the actual stuff that you came to see, girls who are very hot, girls who you cannot miss out on. They are of all the ages, from old, mature ones, to the fresher girls, yet they all love sex and they all engage in it in the best possible way, with that desire leading it. They do look different, however, and the way they fuck is different, yet their asses are always huge, yet they too have different qualities.

The sex is great here, and you get to see the girls getting pounded in all their holes, the pussies, the asses, the mouths, too. Sometimes, there will be more than one girl per video, and in that moment, you get to see steamy threesome action that is likely to be found nowhere else. The girls’ huge asses are always in the spotlight, taking the attention, both of the cameras, and that of the hungry males, whether black or white, that is up to you to choose. Whatever their color and preference, at the time, you will be able to see all the details, thanks to a very large resolution, in this case, HD.


If you are in need of different porn, stuff that you do not get to see anywhere else, then this site is the one for you. Get to Pawg and you will see some of the hottest white girls, with the biggest of asses, getting fucked hardcore. This site will not disappoint you, as it has not disappointed so many others.

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