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Saturday, 15 October 2016 / Published in Erotic Sites
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Penthouse Gold is the official site of the classical men’s magazine that offers different high-quality erotic content featuring very sexy and glamorous women, to satisfy the men sexual fantasy. The site, which has been running for over a decade, features videos and pictures dating from the 90 but they are well created to ensure that all members see clearly what is on them.

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Design and features

As a site that has been operational for several years, Penthouse Gold is a site that is created in a simple design that is quite friendly to the users and other visitors too. When you click on the link to this site, you will first get to the visitor area where you can notice pictures and a short description of the articles that you are likely to get when you join this site. I must say that this area is designed and created in a very attractive design that allows you to know exactly what you are going to get here, without necessarily gaining full access to the content here. Getting to the members’ area from here is hence a very simple task since you will get a link at the top right side of this page.

The members’ area is also created in a very professional manner to ensure that it can easily hold the endless amount of content here and also make it easily accessible to the customers. From the top of the homepage, you will notice a menu bar that enables you to access the models’ section, clubs, store and even the Penthouse pets. You will also find a ‘videos categories’ section and also picture galleries section which makes your navigation experience very sweet.

Girls & Videos

Having being operational for over a decade, Penthouse has featured over 1680 mature models who are mostly American and there is no argument that they are very sexy. Most of these models look like professionals with body types ranging from slim to athletic. This site also offers other interesting content, featuring other sensational figures other than these beautiful models. On this site, there are more than 3700 videos running for an average duration of 20 minutes that have been updated on this site.

As I ventured to the videos section, I was worried that I would get low-quality videos but my worries subsided as soon as I saw the high-quality videos here. All the recent videos here are also found in full HD versions in file formats of WMV and MP4 formats, with average dimensions of 1980×1080 pixels and 7800k bitrates for downloads. The videos also have a streaming version which requires a large media player to play them easily, buffering for about two seconds. The streaming version of these videos is also very clean, giving you a smooth playback even after forwarding or rewinding the videos severally. I was surprised to see that these sites also have a 3D version available for streaming these videos.


It’s great to see the content at Penthouse Gold, being maintained in a good manner to ensure that the members here always get their content just like they need it. The site also has a great deal of content for you to easily access, right after joining the site.

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