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Best sweet porn site for fresh girls.


What do you get when a short girl takes in a huge dick? No, that was not the start to a joke, but that start to your new favorite adult video website about short girls biting more than they can chew. This website often fondly called PT will have videos of these little and fresh ladies who are looking for some adult action. When they say “it is not the size that matters, but how you use it”, PT definitely knows what they mean and apply this concept not only to their videos, but to their services as well. Their simple website packs a huge surprise to interested individuals who are not sure if they want to sign up for membership, so read on further and see what PT has to offer!

Design and features

Don’t you just hate subscribing to an adult video website that has a professionally designed home page, complicated system, and expensive monthly membership with zero content? Not PT, they are dedicated to making their website one of the best websites, and they are on the right path with the makings of a rising star. If you are still doubtful, why not sign up for a two-day trial membership? It gives you 70-80% access to the website and limited downloading of videos and images. If you like what you see, then why not going ahead and going for full membership?

The website is accessible not only for computers but for mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and, as we have tested, even on smart TVs. Hey, when you are home alone, why not watching it on the big screen, am I right? Not to mention watching it on the big screen just makes things feel a little hard (if you know what I mean). If you don’t have time to view the videos and images online or live in an area with low-speed internet, then the download option might be the thing for you. Members with full access download unlimited videos compared to the two-day trail members.

Girls & Videos

The male actors are of average size, both their height and their genitals, but compared to these short ladies, they look like giants. Not only do they look like giants but they feel like giants as well. As you can see, the lady moans in ecstasy as he tries to fit his entire cock in her tight pussy that would pretty much make any man feel like a giant. It is apparent that these chicks are taking more than they can handle, but the pure pleasure they receive is making them not care. The feeling of putting your cock in a tight pussy is the best feeling a man can ever feel, no wonder people are coming in crowds to sign up for PT.

This website focuses on some of the girls who are a little immature and still want to play with their dolls. But now that they are e a bit grown up and are equipped with their newfound womanhood, they want to play with more than just dolls now. These girls are now ladies, are starting to discover their bodies and get a taste of playing with their grown up bodies. After getting incredibly turned on, they crave for something hard. They find themselves a play mate and they explore each other’s bodies. PT videos are incredibly memorable as well as risqué, if not hardcore.

Some of the videos have short and cute plot lines to them. The one I like in particular is this short girl is lying on her beds with some text books, note books, papers and other study materials. This girl is seemingly studying for whatever imaginary test she might have. Then a gentle tap tap tap comes from her window, it was her boyfriend signaling her to open the window. The girl notices him, comes over to the window and opens it up for him, and then they talk for a short while. The boyfriend asks if she wants to go out for a date, but the girl said she cannot go out for a date since she has a big exam coming up tomorrow. The boyfriend then offers to help her study and she agrees to it. The girl goes back to lying down on her stomach while reading and highlighting a text book, while her mini skirt is flapped open, exposing her tan round bottom, laced with a skinny but lacey thong.

The boyfriend reclines up on her pillows and stuffed toys with an obvious bulge in his pants. The boyfriend begins asking her random questions from a sheet of paper and the girl is biting and sucking on a pen, trying to come up with an answer. The boyfriend gets turned on and can’t help but squeeze her soft ass. The girl playfully tells him to stop, but the boyfriend proceeds to squeezing her ass, then he trails his fingers down to her pussy covered by the panties and starts fingering her. The girls gets really turned on and, in less than a minute, they went from studying to fucking. The rest is up for you to find out and it is well worth every minute of your time to watch these cuties moan and scream with pleasure.


I have to be completely honest, I was a bit skeptical about these kinds of websites because they tend to show corny plot lines and cheesy acting, but PT’s network producer Paper Street Media, has the chops to produce quality content. The production quality is on par with the porn industry, which makes becoming a member all the more valuable. The site doesn’t exist anymore, check Innocent High for similar xxx videos.

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