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Monday, 15 August 2016 / Published in Porn Network
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The PornMegaLoad is the most recent site of the Score Group of sites, and we believe that it’s going to be one of the best deals the company could offer, as it has almost all kind of stuff from the different sites and series of the company. The PornMegaLoad launched in 2014, and it started with a great collection. You are going to find here videos added regularly: after the starting daily schedule, they switched to a weekly update frequency and we hope that they are going to stick to that.

What content you can see on this site is exclusive, for the company, as they are all in-house productions. The Score Group has/had several magazines, and most of the collection’s scenes was released on DVDs too. Apart from the SG’s sites, you won’t be able to access to content anywhere else. If you like offline porn, you can also order original DVDs from the site’s store.

Design and features

The tour page may be a bit too simple at first, but don’t worry, you will get far better navigation inside. Since you are just a visitor, the site offers you limited functions, but the tour’s features are more than enough to awake your curiosity. Pick a few videos and watch their trailers, also you may like to explore the models’ list a bit. When you are done, you should head into the members’ area. In there, you are going to see some good tools. In difference with their other sites, on the PornMegaLoad the guys at the Score implemented keyword features (tags) and the search engine is finally useful. If you have s name in mind, you should try it, as the engine recognizes model-names. It’s also possible for members to sort the videos’ list, so another plus is good. However, with more than 2,300 videos on one site, some advanced options should have been better to implement.

You will have different ways offered to enjoy the videos of the site. The simplest and most evident way is to open the scene’s page, click on the player and enjoy the streamed porn. You might enjoy the videos in HD from the browser, while the older scenes are only in one quality. For those who have lower-end machine or connection, the lower resolution videos could be better. The downloaders will find a nice selection of options, because there are clips to save, offering five minute long sexy fun – and in at least three different format: WMV for SD, mobile-friendly MP4, and there is the regular HD (or Full-HD) MP4 version. In case you want to enjoy hardcore porn videos in offline format, you can should download the full scenes. The file formats are the same, so two MP4s and one WMV file is surely going to be listed. Download managers are not supported.

Girls & Videos

The PornMegaLoad has a huge range of hot girls for you to choose from, and in case you are looking for such chicks, you might eventually come to the conclusion that these girls really know their job. We loved the videos, and we certainly love the girls of this site, especially because they are varied and hot. This site has everything you needs, and since it’s a “mega-load” you are going to love that it has a really big variety for you feel excited about. There are cuties on this site: tight fresh hotties who are looking to satisfy all your needs. Also there are cougars, and MILFs too, so if they represent the fantasies you used to have then feel free to enjoy their performance too. The Score knows that there are guys out there who love hot girls with big body better, so the models’ list of this site grants you a lot of BBW models too. It’s a great, highly varied list, and it’s guaranteed that you are going to find here a girl you might like to watch in hardcore situations. Apart from the size and the age differences there are also different ethnicities present, so we believe that you are going to find the types of girls you prefer.

To describe the videos and give you an overview of what you might expect, we believe the best way is to start with the softer niches. There are some solo videos on the site as the models are coming mostly from the amateur areas, and their debut videos were usually done as solo shots – they tease their body, show their assets, and they seem to enjoy it when they can finger themselves. Don’t get it wrong though, these are not that soft flicks as there are some anal fingering scenarios too. The portal grants you access to a section with lesbian porn, and they are looking hot too – you can get here cuties engaging each other, but matures and some BBWs are doing it in a few scenes. Naturally, the largest part of the PornMegaLoad’s collection is all about hardcore sex. Among the covered niches you can find interracial sex, anal sex, fetishes and vanilla hardcore too. The overall collection is really juicy, and there is enough to keep you entertained.


The PornMegaLoad transformed from the Score HD, into what is it today. They changed the whole setup and now you can enjoy more than 2,300 videos from different series and sites of the company, offers solo, one on one and threesome sex, covering niches from solo anal fingering to hardcore interracial sex.

The design changes did well for the site, and now it’s easily usable, which is a really good thing – it’s a mega-site after all, it must offer good navigation. You are not going to get extras here, but if you take a look around you can see that you get everything this company could offer you, so you should appreciate the membership, which comes for a very good price.

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