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Wednesday, 20 April 2016 / Published in Porn Network
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To my fellow gent viewers, what we have here today is what I could call an awesome and great find. If you’re a guy who’s not only into appreciating the nudeness and exoticness of the sights, but is more inclined to get involved in the video itself, then Pornstar Platinum is the one for you! I will be talking a lot about the hot and sizzling insights about what this website has for you and I assure you, it won’t be just another “thanks for the memories” kind of thing, in fact, it will be one you could keep with you forever, wherever you go! Now let’s not delay this any longer. Let’s start talking about the good stuff!

Fab porn network for everyone who loves kinky xxx material

Design and features

First off, let’s take a look at this site’s homepage. My oh my! May your eyes feast on this! Their homepage layout is filled with animations and pictures of what is to be a man’s fantasy. It contains pictures of hot sweating sexy ladies of all colors and sizes! It even gives momentary previous of their featured stars with titles and trailers too! Oh my, and who wouldn’t love to see a list of profiles of their beloved porn stars too! They actually took the liberty of profiling each star for you! Looking at their background picture, I’d say this website is well designed to trigger that fire inside of every man with each picture and slide exposing the girl’s most erotic scenes. Now what’s I see blinking on the top corner of the site? It reads ‘next on LIVE SHOWS’, I bet it’d be a treat, but I’ll talk about that topic later.

Seeing what this site’s design and features prepared for its viewers, it surely is a porn site worthy of a prize against its competitors. But what I find really amazing about this site is that, unlike many porn sites who don’t tend to share their videos all that much, this site actually offers you to download their videos as many times as you like without limits! Their streaming speed is also off the roofs. Imagine yourself watching their videos with no disturbance or buffering. That is a dream come true my friend. If you open up their photo galleries, these are surely ones for the pockets! Man, it’s as authentic as the videos themselves. As a whole, their website’s design and features fairs well against other official porn sites.

Girls & Videos

I’d say we hit the jackpot here boys! Man! Look at these beauties. Not only can you find professionals here, there are also innocent looking little amateurs, I mean, who doesn’t love amateurs? They make the sex scenes look so real! Looking at the scenes these amateurs do on screen from doggy styles to missionaries (missionaries an all-time favorite by the way…) these amateurs makes the video really authentic as if the video was shot through a hidden cam. These pros will get you crawling back for more. But who are these girls? Have you ever watched the movie All Alone 4? If you have, then you must know the actress on the scene Claudia Valentine. She has been featured to more than 20 porn movies already and still counting! They’ve got Award Making porn stars like Charisma Cappelli, Emily Parker, and even Christie Stevens! If you haven’t met them yet, then I’m sure you’re in for a hell of a night! Just looking at their videos I’m sure it’ll make a guy sweat.

Man! These girls would even suck a cock in POV for you! Most of them even maintain eye contact with the camera as if their looking straight at your eyes as they fuck. Who the hell directs these stuff? These are totally worth my money! Now if you’re worried about the videos, you don’t need to my friend. These videos are full HD, and they even come with multiple resolutions. Well enough to fit your laptop or PC or mobile phone. Did I mention mobile phone? Yes, I did. Because this site can support all mobile devices that can connect to the internet and watch videos.

The videos are formatted in order to be played well with your handhelds. Now what have I promised to talk about earlier? Ah yes, the LIVE SHOWS. Now this one is the jewel of this site. If you take a look at the top corner, you will see that they keep you updated when the next live show is gonna be and who’s going to star in it. Now this aint your ordinary porn, you actually get to see your favorite porn stars, perform in front of you LIVE! I mean, THAT’S AS LEGIT AND AUTHENTIC AS IT CAN GET! Did I also add that you get to interact with your favorite porn stars? I haven’t yet? well as unbelievable as it sounds, yes, this site actually allows their members to have interactions with their featured porn stars, but not only that, you actually get to have the opportunity to ask for a VIDEO ON DEMAND, and the stars will actually perform a video for you. That ain’t bat my friend! That ain’t bad!


Whooo! It’s been one hot review! Do you feel the heat my friend? Because I do! Now let’s rate this site. If a slow little turtle gets a score of zero, and a speedy little rabbit gets a score of 10. THIS SITE’S GOT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. I really got nothing bad to say about. Honestly, everything a guy would ever dream of is here, you get to have HD vids, interactions with the stars, award winning porn stars

IT IS ALL HERE MY FRIEND. In the internet world of porn sites, this one ain’t one to belittle. No wonder the site gets to have a title of #1 Porn Network. Just to add one info by the way, once you become a member of this site, you also get to have free access with a whole lot other official porn websites. That’s more than enough for a simple guy’s dream. Now that’s it for me, hope you enjoyed this review! Now get your hands typing and get to this website!

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