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Saturday, 20 August 2016 / Published in Gonzo
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There you are! Welcome to the site called POVPerverts! Yes, this site is for the kind of porn known as POV porn! What’s this? Well, let’s just say that they’re holding the cam away from you but still held by the user, that way it will give off a 1st person point of view here, not the usual porn where you get the 3rd person, which is still good, but simply not as good as POV porn.

Life is boring? Not anymore, thanks to POVPerverts! Just enter the site to see what is in store for you, guy. Don’t blink, because every moment in POVPerverts will give you the pleasure you need, and you won’t be able to say that life is boring anymore.

Design and features

Before you go any further, just let me state to you that this site wants you! They want you to become a member of this site. You’re just that valuable you see, and in turn, they’ll give you what you want, which is the best porn in the business. That includes the best girls, the best photos, the best videos, the best site. They’ll give you what you want all right. Now back to the show. The site is pretty good in terms of being organized. They just thrive in being able to make you see the important stuff. They set the sexy pics as the biggest to let you see that this site is about the sexy stuff! They put the important things in the center! They’re good at making the site appealing! Even in the photos that they have taken. The angles and the lighting just emphasize on getting your eyes on the important stuff! See all the pussies glow and the asses shine with the cocks inside them due to the angle and the lighting! The videos too!

They just set the angles of the camera to emphasize that you’re the one doing the deed and that all the pleasure should go to you! Great job POVPerverts! But that’s not all they’re doing a good job at. They also did a good job in guiding you, showing you the way to where you want to go to the site! They put in the tab system, where you can see what tab is available. You can go to the places in the site where you want to go that easily! Another thing this site is good at is taking care of the customers. They provide the support you need when you’re still entering the site, they provide support when you decide to become a member of the site, they also provide support when you are already a member of the site.

Which means that, in every twist and turn in the site, they’re there for you. They’re even better than your girlfriends sometimes because your girlfriends are sometimes only there for you when you have something to offer them, when they want company, when they want you to buy something for them. At POVPerverts, it’s the site that’s there for you, it’s there when you want them to offer you something and when you want their company. All of this, guys, they’re there when you become a member of the site. Here, you’re safe, you’re secured, and you’re going to have fun.

Girls & Videos

Those are some of the good jobs that the site has done, but they also did a good job looking for girls! All these girls have found their way to POVPerverts and just bust out all their talents in there! Now, what these girls do is that, well, actually they do everything! They get themselves double penetrated, they get themselves penetrated by 2 cocks in the vagina or get themselves pierced by 2 cocks in the ass! They love all this stuff being done to them! You don’t have to tell them, they’ll do what you want automatically! They also come in different shapes and sizes.

There are curvy girls, there are slim girls, there are busty girls, all kinds of body figures are present! They’re all very sexy and pretty! Want examples of who are present in the site! You’ll be amazed! They’re very pretty and have very good figures! Lizz Tayler and Carter Cruise for example, like damn! They’ve got these perky tits that look really good with their bodies, those curves that are like, damn! They’re just perfect when it comes to their figures, they’re even more perfect when it comes to their looks!

Lik, look at them! They have these eyes that feel like they’re tempting you out of your dens, those wavy hairs, though they differ in hair color where Lizz is a brunette and Carter is a blonde, those wavy hair are just so appealing! That smile that they wear, like wow! You’d like to kiss those lips and make them suck cock for you! They also got their wild sides, they really take those cocks like it’s no one’s business! You got that right, they’re just so good with sex you even ask yourselves how these girls just landed in the doorsteps of porn!

They’re the perfect fap materials, and you get to experience all of this in your point of view!
The photos are very good. As was said, the photos have emphasized on the important stuff, and they do just that with their lighting effects as well as camera angles. Same thing with the videos, all the hot stuff are being emphasized by the way the camera is being held. Masterful job by the makers!


You see guys? They do a good job in everything the do! They do a good job in showing the appeal of POV porn in every video and pic, as well as showing off the website in the best possible way. They also want you to be included in this pleasure that many have experienced! Be converted to POV porn watcher now! Submit yourselves to POVPerverts!


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