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Tuesday, 14 June 2016 / Published in Porn Network
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With multitude of sex portals that are operating in the market, it is really important for you to know which locale will be the best in quenching your thirst for lust. No matter whether you like to see hardcore or softcore sexual movies, the Puffy Network will provide you with all of these. The first time that I took a peek into the portal, I was not sure about the things I was going to get here. I thought it was a production house that deals in porn materials. But the moment I stepped inside the locale, I was blown out of my mind. This locale does not come in a package of one. It comes along with a package of 4 free but innovative forums that will deliver the customers with a vivid range of sexual contents that will surely help you in getting rid of the craving for lust and passion that you have.

The portals that come in the package with Puffy Network will serve the needs of the lesbian as well. With the quality of the movies a web link has to make sure that the people are finding it really easy to get to and operate the page. This is one place that has been very well tackled by the designers. The movies that are uploaded here are of the latest quality and the action that you see will surely make your cock hard with passion. Let me tell you about the uniqueness of Puffy Network. The models that have graced the movies and images are all of eastern European origin. They are beautiful and sexy at the same time. You will never find that they are shying away from taking off their clothes in front of the camera. They appear in skimpy clothes and then make raunchy maneuvers that can cast a spell on the bone of any man and make it hard with passion. As you get mesmerized by the sexy poses that they do, be it on the bed, couch, floor, in the bathroom or the sitting room, they are well-versed in the art of providing sexual pleasure to the viewers.

Though most of the portals that are present with in the package of Puffy Network happen to be about softcore, glamour sex and self-pleasuring techniques, you will get the opportunity to drool over some of the most engaging heads, dished out by the mouth, lips and tongues of these sex fairies, that I have seen in the past few years. The deep throat gagging scenes are really cock-raising. Almost all of these scenes will finish with a lot of cum on the faces of these hot maidens. They know exactly how to make you shed that man cream and they seem to love every bit of it. These are available in Eurobabe Facial and We Like To Suck. The other two bonus portals happen to be Wet And Pissy and Wet And Puffy. Mostly catering to the fantasies of those who love to see vaginal action, with various sex toys and slender gingers, they will find their solace here.

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Design and features

The layout of the page happens to have been done in such a way that you will be able to reach out to any part of the link in an easy way. The many tabs that have been provided for the ease of navigation are really worth it. If you want to check out the images, all you need to do is click on the tab that is marked as “Pictures”. If you want to see all the videos in one go, you need to click on “Videos”. There are a total of 589 dashing and gorgeous flowers that have acted in the sex movies and the respective images. You might want to take a look at the details of all these damsels in one single go. For this you have to click on “Girls” tab.

The attractive color combination of the home page and the neatness with which the trailers of the full length and the multi bandwidth movies are showcased will surely make a smile appear on your face. For the purpose of downloading the movies, you will have to put Mp4 or WMV format to the task. In this case you can expect to get good resolution and quality clips. The resolution may vary from 3840×2160 for MP4 for a more decent value of 5000k bit rate for WMV. You can stream the feed online for watching by Flash at 1280×720. You can also use of the MP4 format here. All you need is a good internet connection. The contents are can be played by Windows media player at resolution of 1440×810 at 10000k.

Girls & Videos

Though the characteristics of the chocks on the physical basis may seem to be similar, a closer look will confirm that they are very much different form each other. They love to have sex and take part in anything that is associated with sex. That is why they are so spontaneous when they pleasure themselves with dildos and pussy pumps while achieving an orgasm. You will find some of the lassies engaging in frequent urination and wetting themselves while they are in between an arousing performance.

Most of the contents are solo but there are scenes of group sex in some of the bonus sites. 1176+ adult movies and galleries will be welcoming you. These movies have an average length of 15 minutes. Each gallery can house at least 110 snaps. With these, you will get the additional advantages of engaging in naughty chats with the models via web cam, you will get party feeds that are 3D in nature. You will get to pen down what you feel about the locale in the blog section.


With many subscription packages and discounts that are offered by the admin, you will get to have great deals and this will make the experience even more pleasurable.

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