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Thursday, 07 January 2016 / Published in Hardcore
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The Punish Teens is one of the newest sites around and offers a great collection of hardcore videos, featuring stunning fresh girls going through heavy pounding. These videos are not for you if you have a soft heart because the chicks might be professionals, but they probably weren’t quite ready for what they got. These chicks get their holes widened by huge cocks, as well as they get their faces fucked pretty hard. Since the site started earlier this year, it doesn’t have a huge collection, however those videos that are here offer you some very hot fun. The site, however, is alive and updates too though the actual schedule is to be determined later on.

It’s quite certain that you don’t have to worry about having some good fun with these videos, and though there are only 26 videos at the moment, they are pretty long, and the site will grow as you watch them, so you won’t find yourself feeling bored. As far as we were able to detect, the videos here are exclusive, however, some of them may appear on other sites. Nonetheless, if you recognize any of the flicks on other pages, you should take note, and forget about that site, since the video originates from this one, so there must be something not too good going on.

Design and features

The dark color theme of the tour page fits the content truly nicely and makes you have that creeping feeling on your back as you start exploring the page. You can’t change the look of the site, so better get used to it. As a visitor, you can enjoy hot trailers that will give you a picture about the content. In case you join the site you will see the same layout inside. Since there isn’t that much to browse, you won’t really get lost in there, and watching the videos will also prove to be quite a pleasure. Probably the only letdown of the inner page is that it has some banners throughout the pages. When you start browsing the videos and find something you like, you should click on its thumbnail and open its page.

There you have to choose from the two options: watch the videos online, or save to your hard drive. Playing the videos in the browser is a good choice if you don’t like to wait: the embedded player offer quality settings up to 720p. For downloading, the Punish Teens offers MP4 and WMV files. The latest has 540p resolution, while the other goes higher and grants you Full-HD scenes. The videos are uploaded with a matching set of pictures. These sets contain video captions, so there is nothing new on them, but they might prove to be useful if you want to get some preview without playing the actual scene. If you like the sets, you can save them zipped into one file.

Girls & Videos

When you decide to take your time and look around the Punish Teens, you will see that there are really hot girls in these videos. Luckily, the site doesn’t fool you into believing that you can find here amateur chicks, and as you can see from the thumbnails of the tour page, this is studio-made porn. Every model here is a professional, or at least a semi-pro, or a bit inexperienced… well, no matter what, they are in for a nasty surprise. As far as we could see, there aren’t any fake tits at play here, so those who appreciate natural bodies will find these girls to be really hot.

There is a good variety of models since apart from a large number of Caucasians, the site also features Latinas and seemingly some Asians too. However, their ethnicity doesn’t really matter, because if you are here, you don’t care about their skin’s color, but rather you want to see them destroyed and disgraced. And that’s exactly what you get here. The Punish Teens features rough intercourses, and though the name of the site suggests otherwise, there are hardly any BDSM elements.

Naturally, for contract and other business-related purposes the girl have to know the script, but hey, they could improvise. In case you want to watch some awed expressions on the girls’ face, you can get that though because the folks who run this site gathered some well-known male actors who are famous for many infamous series and videos. These scenes are staged and scripted, and they usually cover a situation, which turns into rough sex really soon. The girls play the role of the unsuspecting women, who gets used by the man (or two men), and they are going to pay for the bad thing they did… or they just get fucked because the guy wants to.

It’s quite certain that the models know what they are signed up for, but as you will see those tears are not fake, and as they are gagged by a huge cock deep down their throats, or get their ass penetrated without really prepared for it, they rethink their ways… for a bit, then they ask for more.


The Punish Teens is a promising heavy hardcore site. Since it focuses on one type of girls (under-25) it’s not so varied, but as you start browsing you can find here a mix of the US and European porn too, and there are Latina cuties too. Naturally, since it is studio porn, everything is under control thought the sex in the videos is pretty rough. Overall, the Punish Teens is a recommended site for those who like rough sex, and it has everything to grow into a large and popular porn site.


The site no longer exists, please visit SUBMISSIVED

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