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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 / Published in Asian Porn Sites
Nice asian porn site for sexy Asian girls.


So I heard you like pussies? That’s right, I bet you like them nice, really fresh pussies. You see those pink pussies? You see them look really juicy? Oh, I bet you want to pump some white stuff inside those pussies, make some cream pie, if you know what I mean. Yes, I know, your inner desire is screaming for pussy right now! Looking for some of the most awesome pussy porn ever? Then you’re in luck, because I got exactly what you need! You can look it up in PussyAV! It’s there in PussyAV that you can see the freshest, juiciest, hottest pussies out there! Whether you want it shaved or you want it hairy, you get what you want in PussyAV! With a masterpiece of a site available right here, you can really get what you want so that you can rub your meat with all the pussy pounding action that you can see only here in Pussy AV!

Top rated porn site for Asian girls lovers.

Design and features

One thing that interests me about the site, PussyAV, is its chosen color scheme. Many times the designers of the page really just choose their own favorite colors and mix them up and everything or just do whatever they like with the color. Little do they know that the colors, with the proper mixing, add to the feels of the site. That is what is present in PussyAV: the nice blend of pink and black to add to the feels of eroticity of the site. If you want to make a porn site, you can copy from a few of these other existing porn sites, and PussyAV is one of them.

In terms of the organization of the site, you can also learn a thing or two from the design of PussyAV. You can see that the videos are well presented even in the home page of the site. And you can even see that the designers of the site really know how much porn on one page is good for the viewers. Say for example, you can see that there are comparatively few porn videos that are presented in the home page than, say, the videos page. However, those are either the new ones or the really eye catching ones. Also, in the home page, they don’t just bombard us with so many porn videos, that the amount might be comparable to the amount of porn videos that are already in the videos tab. Some of the other porn sites, especially the not so big sites, are like that. I laud the designers for their attention to detail, you guys are so great.

Also, another good thing about this site is that PussyAV is under the JavHD Premium network. You know what that means. If you don’t, it simply means that, like the other sites that come from a network, you have to be a member of the network in order to be able to access the site that you really want to access. However, since you’re already in a network, you now have the option to open up the other sites in the network. In this particular one, JavHD, not only can you open PussyAV, you can also open up other sites that give out some of the hottest Japanese getting the D’s (by that I mean the dicks and the deep throats and the doggy styles). All of that for the price of just a single site. You can now see all of those bonus sites for free. And you don’t have to worry about your security when it comes to payment.

Girls & Videos

So we’ve been talking all about the site, what about the girls? The quality of the girls is also really important especially when we’re talking about pussies, yes? That’s why I also laud the creators of this site for having given us some of the hottest, most beautiful bombshells of girls, and they also happen to have some of the hottest, juiciest, most attractive and tight pussies out there! They’re all Asians, Japanese more specifically, and they’re known to have some of the hairiest pussies, but boy, whether you like hairy pussy or not, the site caters to you both kinds of pussies, and they’re served with a matching smoking hot girl! See the likes of Hikari, Karin or Kyoko and many more others (a total of 119 girls altogether) getting banged properly.

My personal favorite though has got to be Kou Minefuji. Boy there’s something about this girl that really got my attention. First one has to be the face (yes I am a pussy lover but of course I choose my girls carefully, and the face is the one other than the pussy that really got my attention). Those tantalizing eyes just gives you the vibe that she’s really some succubus that escaped from hell and is now out for some male juice. Then that figure, oh so lovely. Those curves are simply perfect. And then of course, the pussy (here we go). I love all kinds of pussy, but the shaved, pink pussies are simply the best. I can fantasize about fucking it all day. What makes it better, is that the Japanese guys that fuck her keep saying that they’re tight! Oooh boy I really want to fuck her right now, but as of now we just have to rub on that meat. By the way, I really don’t have to say this, but there are a lot of other good videos from the site other than Kou’s (though hers are my absolute favorites), and all are presented in HD, so you can enjoy rubbing that meat all you want.


A well designed site that pays attention to details and gives us some of the best girls out there, and is headed by one of the best networks in the game, PussyAV, really gives us pussy enthusiasts one hell of a treat! You really have to try it out, if you still haven’t, and you love the pussy.

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