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North America here we go as we take on a wild journey together with these northern Canadians and French as they go wild and sexy. The QuebecProductions porn site will give you the nastiest fuck scenes on the planet with the nastiest cock suckers and jizz drinkers. There are lots of delightful scenes on the entire site and that’s all I needed to know since the language are presented are French. Hell, I really don’t know what the fuck the site offers, but all I know that the girls are hot and sexy. I’ll make the tour for you the best as I could and please don’t bother about the French words.

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Design and features

The site has its finest HD porn Canadian and French production using high digital cameras that can deliver 1080 HD. The glossy tearing images reflect high-resolution standards. The exhibitions are presented above high standards. You will see lots of horny stuff from solo actions, lesbian, dildos, long dick penetration, threesomes, and foursomes. I’m guessing that the girls would be lame because they are from Quebec. I thought that they do take care of their virginity, but hell no. Many of them are wild and crazy, I even see some girls with tattoos as they ram their own pussies with vibrators and lots of huge sex toys. They take the crap out of their vagina like there’s no tomorrow. Also, they provide model index and feature some of the most in-depth models from the streets of Canada. The only thing that missing though is the information they provide about their bitches. Why? Well, it is because of the fact that the description is written in French. You might want to use Google translate for you to able to understand the hell of what they are saying.

There are over than 500 episodes in DVD with the area about 150 minutes each. I’m looking for the download button or probably an icon since I can’t read the French language so it takes a bit of time. Then I figured out that the site only provides streaming only. That’s sad. Yeah, I know. But anyway, who needs it when you got the connection over the internet. You can watch the full streaming in multi-bandwidth. In case you want to see high-quality fuck resolution, the production provides over than 2,000 galleries that have 150 pictures each. See the fun and action as they go wild and crazy. I like the way the camera took some shots while the bitches are squirting.

Becoming a member will give you the privilege of accessing their films and watch them in full. You can make a comment and rate the films. You don’t have to worry about the language, you can write down your own language particularly English and no one will bother that you are located elsewhere. In fact, there are also comments that looked like they were from Russia and Asia. So who cares as long as you expressed of the emotion you felt during and after watching the films. There are also blogs, third party feeds, model index, and live chats. The live chats, on the other hand, understand English very well, the only problem is that they might not understand slang words so you better really emphasize and indicate what you are saying to them. Most of them are tranny and kinky. I got a chat with a girl that looked like Carley Jepsen with tattoos at her right arm. Yup, she’s damn worth the money alright.

Girls & Videos

The QuebecProductions offers exclusive tranny models from Canada that promises you so many things. There are numbers of sets that you can watch and you have several kinds of options screen whether you are using your mobile phone or your computer. I would like to mention the girl named Terry Patrick. Yes, she’s tranny alright but wait until you see her boobs. She has a nice tattoo on her arms and you will not resist her charm by looking over and over again with her boobs. Her video will begins with some kind of a teaser which she will make some attractive poses. I like the way she looks back at the camera and I would love to sniff her sexy armpits personally.

Things got hot when she stripped off her shirt from top to bottom. It’s really nice to see how this lady shows off what she got as she goes down a bit and touches her shoulder, bust down to her pussy. I bet her pussy is itchy enough to make your night right as she fingers it slowly. She hastens up when it gets wet and she moans a lot. She will bend over for your pornographic pussy and ass pleasure and she going to jerk off again. This time, she uses her favorite toy that vibrates. You can hear the vibrator clearly like a fuck machine that never runs out. The camera will come closer with her eye tearing face as she spews off her juice all over the place. Oh before I forget, she’s on the street of Quebec.


So, in case you like to see some action from the north side this site is the perfect site for you. There are lots of things going on in here with bundles of hardcore actions. If you are tired watching porn stars, then how about try to see something new with slender bodies. But of course, when we say hardcore action, it will be the same. By the way, the site is presented neatly and as the way the bitches perform and the price, you won’t be disappointed.

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