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Sunday, 03 July 2016 / Published in Girlfriend Porn Sites
The greatest girlfriend porn site for user-submitted videos.


As far as professional porn sites are concerned, you do get content that is better than that of the other sites, but, sometimes, it can be way too professional, so that the actual pleasure is nowhere to be seen. That is why I prefer amateur sites, as they have more of the raw fucking, and less of the screaming and moaning, the faked out orgasms. This site, called Recorded Gfs, has just that, amateur girlfriends whose videos and photos are submitted to the site’s archives, real porn.

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Design and features

Now, considering that this is an amateur site, it has a really good design. They made the best of what they had, and they do have a lot of stuff to show. Firstly, as you join, you get to see a giant collage of images at the top of the page. They contain images taken from the videos, or actual pictures. In the middle, you can see the site’s logo. In the bottom right corner of the collage, there are two buttons, both easily noticeable, due to the pink color. They can take you to the members’ area or to the joining page. Below, if you hadn’t had enough sexy girls, you can see a lot of previews, pictures that will certainly entice you further to join this community of amateur girls.

The site also has many things that help you along the way. Some of the things are clearly noticeable, like the sorting options, as you can find videos in a moment’s notice. The search bar also helps you in that quest, while the site’s optimization gets you even further. That is because you can make good use of the lack of lag and load as many videos as you like at one moment. Furthermore, you can surf from the mobile devices, and you can use the site as much as the desktop one.

Girls & Videos

That means that there is nothing stopping you from seeing a lot of hot girls, girls who do not mind having their kinky stuff posted online. As soon as you open one of the videos, you will notice that the girls love the sex, the attention. Whether they are performing in front of the camera, doing some softcore dancing, stripping, taunting, or if they are actually doing the hardcore things, fucking, having a lot of sex, they do it to the best of their abilities. The hardcore part is the one I love, as you not only get to see them fuck, but you also get to see them suck dicks and take those same dicks in their asses.

Orgasms are frequent here, and so are threesomes, even the lesbian videos. The content is in HD, which makes it even better. You can stream it, in the flash format, or download the videos in the MP4 format. What I also like, is the fact that there are bonus sites for the members, over 10 of them, and you get to see a lot more, as the sites have different content, not entirely the same as this one.


If there was ever a site that had good stuff, and offered to get you more for the price of one, then that would be this site. If you think that there is nothing that can surprise you anymore, think again, as Recorded Gfs will show you what real porn and a good site should look like. Check it out, and get the best amateur content out there.

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