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I do not know how you spend your days but what are the chances that you will be able to run into a fake Russian agent who is recruiting fresh faces, luring them back into his office and fucking them with the promise of a casting in a movie that will never happen? I know, right? It really does sound like something that would never happen but let me enlighten you, on RussianFakeAgent, pretty girls are excited at the thought of their dreams coming true. They spend time dreaming and wondering how they will secure a place in one of the top porn movie productions. But who blames them? Many girls dream of a breakout moment and would I be in their shoes, I would also not let anything hold me back from making my dreams come true. If it meant getting laid by a horny man in some strange office then so be it! Therefore, it is safe to say that the Russian fake agent is the answer to their prayers.

RussianFakeAgent will remind you of all the times you got the chance to work for a modeling agency and turned the opportunity down. If orgasms come as part of the job description then I am sure some of us would be dropping applications. Forget about flashing tits and exposing pussies, here, the girls go all the way to suck a middle-aged cock and get fucked by it to submission. It does not matter if you brought your boyfriend as a support system because the agent only has his best interest at heart. In order to get to know how far these hotties are willing to go, you have to read on!

RussianFakeAgent was launched in April 2014 and for over three years of this site’s existence, it was only provided the best fresh-faced adult entertainment. There is no dull moment to be experienced here as satisfaction is the name of the game. The sex is hardcore and the site does not settle for anything less. Representing the best enough casting to keep you interested for a very long time. The sexy scam will interest you in unimaginable ways and as such, you will not be able to get enough of the sexy action that is dished out here.

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Design and features

RussianFakeAgent is a site that embraces modern porn production values and does it exceptionally well. Granted, the portal has a limited library of only 21 videos and an equal number of photo sets but this is not to say that you will get the very best of entertainment from it. When it comes to arrangement the site gets on A+ because it has entangled everything professionally well together to give you the navigation experience that you have always wanted.

All of the videos have a run-time of 32 minutes in length, in comparison to the length of flicks on other porn sites, this is enough time to make you cum. Other than this, you will be enjoying the videos and photos sets in crystal clear clarity without even an ounce of blurriness to be seen. There is no doubt that all of your viewing moments will be made of perfection. The videos are available in MP4 format but they are also available for streaming. When it comes to the photos they are 1600×900 pixels in size, thus, you can be able to put them up as the wallpaper in your room. The site will get members to watch the videos that have a difference of 740×404 pixels, 1280×720 pixels, and 192 or 1080 pixels. You will definitely enjoy all the options that are afforded to you.

Girls & Videos

RussianFakeAgent teaches us what is already known; that fresh faces are nerve and they will never learn from their mistakes. But then again, this is exactly what we love about them. Word of caution- careful, you may not be fully prepared for what those scenes have in store for you. The models senselessly fall into the arms of the man in a suit and a camera and from there onwards, they tend to believe that their Hollywood acting dreams have finally come true but they are clouded by desire and cannot read in between the lines! The fake Russian agent has an irresistible charm that you do not always get to see every day.

When the beautiful models go back to the proposed ‘office’, they are overly excited and from the expression on their faces, you can tell that the ‘opportunity’ is everything for them. One by one, they get called inside to prove their talent and have a short audition. However, the agent asks them to strip down and give him the best pleasure act that they could. Oh! Do not underestimate these beauties because they dish out the best blowjobs, handjobs, and ball rubbing skills. As the agent is holding the camera, you will be able to enjoy the flicks from this own point of view. Initially, the girls are really guarded and it has to take convincing for them to tell free and take on the pleasure with their own hands. You will delight in all that they do starting from the strip tease all the way down to fingering their own pussies.


RussianFakeAgent gives you a one stop shop for all kinds of sexual excitement. Although the scenes are scripted the models do a great job of making you believe that they are the best thing on earth. Do not worry about the Russian dialogue that you will hear from time to time because the site comes with subtitles. Despite the limited amount of scenes, you will still be able to have highly memorable and entertaining moments. If you are in love with fake agent casting sites, this one is the very best.

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