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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 / Published in Black
Good black sex site for ebony girls lovers.


Gone were the days where couples that are different from each other may it be of color, race or gender were marked as incompatible. Today, with the countless bodies and organizations that are running after freedom, interracial relationships are already widely accepted. The same goes for the porn industry. Interracial porn is, in fact, one of the most popular niches in the porn industry nowadays. To some, watching ebony male or female and a white male or female fucking each other is an exciting sight. It is already beyond pleasure watching these two different skin tones complementing each other most especially with every push, every pull, and every grind.

Speaking of interracial porn, Safari Sex is one of the rising porn sites nowadays. Although it was just recently launched last 2016, Safari Sex is already gaining popularity as time goes by. All thanks to its unique concept, it is quickly becoming men’s favorite “go to” site during their boring hours. Who wouldn’t? Safari Sex offers adventure and pleasure at the same time. True to its site title, Safari Sex features ebony girls that are up to some wild fucking in the wilderness. It shows how great African American women are not only when it comes to taking good care of their land but also when it comes to some dirty sex scenes.

Its primary niche is Ebony Girls. And since it does have hardcore sex scenes that are up for all sorts of fetish like anal, big tits, orgy, oral sex and etc. in its videos, it also belongs to “hardcore sex” and “All fetishes” as its secondary niche. The cost and billing of the site are fairly the similar with other porn sites out there. They also have the monthly recurring membership and the multi-monthly and recurring membership. Two of their membership plan offer is somehow difficult to find in other porn sites. These are the multi-monthly and non-recurring membership and the yearly and non-recurring membership.

One of the best black porn sites for interracial sex scenes.

Design and features

I personally like the website design. If not with the erotic pictures of those African whores exposing their pussy or sucking huge dicks, the website’s design could be an acceptable National Geographic website design. It has the picture of the lovely Sahara sunset and a giraffe in the wilderness at the background. The logo is also “well-made” compared to other porn sites that have been in the business for quite some time. Overall, the site is very simple with a beautiful color scheme. It also has very functional features. Its navigating menu is not complicated to use. In the homepage, it has the “Home”, “Movies” and “Favorites” tab.

The Homepage will give you a short description of what to expect from the site. The Movies section will then show you the list of videos that are available on the site. Here, you can sort it from the most recent, the most popular or the name/title. Once you select a video, the site will take you to a new page where the video will be at its full size. From there, you can watch the video, view some still pictures from the scene, rate, comment, download or favorite the video. The videos are also dated and you can also see the duration of the video.

Girls & Videos

Safari Sex proudly features ebony girls in its videos. These lovely vixens from the Sahara are too hot and horny to resist that you’ll immediately want to go for a Safari adventure. Although they all have the beautiful black skin tone, these girls differ on their body types. There are some that are tall and slender while some are average. There are also girls that have short hairstyles while some girls have kinky and long locks. However, one thing is for sure, in Safari Sex, you’ll find the majority of the girls with huge breasts and dark nipples. These girls didn’t look like amateur actresses. They could be semi-professionals, at least.

In the videos, you’ll see these ebony girls getting paired with white men or black men. It didn’t matter though because these girls are really doing great at interracial sex. The videos cover all sorts of fetishes. There are anal sex, group sex and more of oral sex. Of course, there’s a lot more from it which involves leather straps, handcuffs and of course, the backseat of a Safari truck. Note that these lucky guys are not the only ones getting a good suck but these hardworking vixens also get their fair share from pleasing down below. There are also scenes which involve sex toys drilling the girl’s pussy. And speaking of pussy, there are also some girls that are shaved while some likes to keep it hairy down there.

The location of the videos varies. While there are some steamy sex scenes that were taken indoors, there are also videos that were taken outdoors. The filmmakers would like to call it as the “jungle” although I don’t quite see enough greens to call it a legit “jungle”. I think was more likely a desert than a jungle. Anyway, the duration of the video usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes long. Also, it varies because there were some that were only ten to fifteen minutes long. The recently uploaded videos were however around 20 minutes so let’s just hope that the upcoming videos will still be this long.


If you are an adventure junkie, (not necessarily when it comes to your day to day grind but) when it comes to sex, then you should probably check this site! You definitely don’t want to miss some of the most exciting videos that they offer that’s exclusively shot in a deserted place. The price of the membership won’t cost you that much considering the quality of the videos that you’ll be getting and the kind of thrill that you can expect. I can say that Safari Sex can definitely unleash the wild side in you.

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