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Sunday, 25 May 2014 / Published in Gay
Excellent gay sex site for HD porn videos.


Samuel O’Toole is a handsome lad with a hot body. The girls would probably kill for him, but they would find themselves quite surprised when he fucks their brother instead of them… since he is gay. This site comes from the NextdoorWorld Network, and it offers you videos with Samuel O’Toole starring. He looks good, and he does his job well, so he always endeavors to please his partner, but he can be demanding too. The site has been online for about five years, and it was updating regularly. Nowadays, it could be rather considered as an archive, since it hasn’t seen anything new since 2012. However, don’t let this make you leave, because there is more to it than that. First, the videos may not be recent, but the resolution was updated, so instead of a regular SD version, you can enjoy Samuel’s scenes in HD. Also, the videos are exclusive, and you can’t access them outside this network. As far as other stuff is concerned, you will see that you get a whole lot to watch in here. The videos of the site are nice, but the extra videos you receive are also really hot.

The SamuelOToole is one of the star-focused portals of the NextDoorWorld Network, and by joining here, you gain access to more than a dozen other sites. There is a mega-site included, called NextdoorStars where you can reach these videos and the other model-focused sites’. The rest of the network consists of niche-related series. For example, the ScaryFuckers feature hardcore sex with kinky elements, while the NextDoorBuddies has a bit of bi-curios sex where gay guys fuck straight ones and vice versa. Most content is exclusive, and if you like what you see, you should return regularly, because there are new content added network-wide, so some fresh jerking-material always appears.

Design and features

As you take the tour around the site you will see a bunch of hot, high-quality pictures, and if you are interested in more, you can play trailers, thus gathering some insight on the sex, and trying out the embedded player. In case you log in, you might notice that the site doesn’t change. Only a few additional menu options are appearing, but the major elements of design and of the menu remain the same. There aren’t much sorting options, a few categories could be found, and the guys’ list might be another way to perform a selective search.

The scenes of this portal are available in a Flash-player, which accesses the FLV files on the server. You can select the video quality too, its maximum is 540p. You have unlimited access to the videos, so you can save them without restrictions. MP4 files are granted for this, and there are also multiple qualities to choose from. Samuel have some sexy photo sets too. The HQ photos could be viewed in the browser, but if you might find a slideshow more comfortable, the packed sets offer a fine alternative to download the pictures.

Men & Videos

Samuel O’Toole has a nice tool and he is not afraid of using it. This hot guy is one who likes to get his hard dong drilling into tight assholes, and while he is doing it, you can see that he enjoys it pretty much. This site is dedicated to this guys, so let’s see what is there to know about him. You can read about the guy on the site, where he has a nicely written introduction. Though it looks like he is a bit of a bisexual, his primary sexual interest is with men. Samuel isn’t an old porn star: his career started in 2010, so he has been in the industry for only 6 years, which isn’t a long time. The gay porn industry is always eager to take on hot guys, and this Caucasian male is a really hot piece to fuck. In his videos, he usually takes the role of the top, so he has a somewhat dominative personality. Apart from Samuel, there are other guys appearing in the videos. The other actors are also handsome, and though most of them are professionals, you can still find some twink-looking lads.

Samuel has a worked-out body with definite muscles and shapes, and while his partners are also nicely built he usually looks bigger than them. Every movie of the SamuelOToole has been written and scripted by professionals. Most of these videos cover hardcore niches, and while the guys are doing their job, they do it with pleasure. The videos here are not bareback scenes, and as far as we could see, Samuel always uses condoms.

These movies are really good to watch. There is always a situation or a story they tell, though the main goal is to have someone to fuck. Some of the videos feature some cosplay, like the one where Samuel plays the role of a cop wearing a uniform and on his face there is a Magnum-mustache. Most movies are quite long, and since these are studio-made videos, they are not just good for the libido, but for the eyes too. The scenes are taking place in neat, nicely lit stages, and the videos are mostly shot in HD, the latest ones are in Full-HD.


It’s true that Samuel O’Toole is a really hot guy, but it would be so much better if he were doing more videos for this site. Those who are fans of him shouldn’t miss the chance to join this portal. Anyone else, the everyday porn lovers may not worship this guy, but we still recommend the membership to them too. Why? Because the sex is great in the videos, the guys are amazingly hot, and the video quality is good for the eyes. And lastly we have mention again that the members of this site get a whole lot of extra content to enjoy.

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