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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
Good amateur porn site with homemade sex videos.


There are different women available in the adult entertainment sites to watch, from Latinas to Asians, from Ebonies to whites, from Southern women to Europeans and each of them has a unique and special way of pleasing their viewers, but right now there is another ethnicity that is making waves in the adult entertainment world, these are the Scandinavian women. These beautiful blonde women know what the audience wants and they even do live shows, these are evident in the adult entertainment site ScandiPorn. All of their contents are unique and not only are they filmed; they also do live shows and group sex for your viewing pleasure.

Good amateur adult website if you like Euro chicks.

Design and features

Once you open this site you will be greeted with high-resolution gifs and pictures of beautiful, blonde Scandinavian women, some of them are gangbanged while the others are having threesomes. These racy pictures and gifs matches the racy videos uploaded on the site. All of their videos are high definition and they have the highest audio quality, they are all downloadable, convertible and transferable into any device like Smartphones, Android phones, PSPs, tables and more, they also have a mobile version that you can use while you are on your phone or you can avail their fast streaming option. All of their pictures are available for download and transfer as well and all of their contents are updated regularly.

As a member, not only will you be able to access all of the videos and pictures of this site, you can also watch the videos of 80 other hardcore sites that have different niches like DirtyClinic that features steamy sex scenes between nurses or doctors and their patients; HotPartySex that features hot and steamy live sex in club parties; WhoresInPublic that features sex outdoors especially in the streets; SlipperyMassage wherein you can watch as a simple massage will turn into hardcore sex; ExtremeTranny wherein you can watch shemales have sex with both men and women; HerFirstKisses that features lesbian sex and many more.

Girls & Videos

ScandiPorn has thousands of high definition videos of Scandinavian women having sex indoors and outdoors. In one video it showed a threesome outdoor sex scene. The video started with a bald man squeezing the breasts of the short haired woman under her pink shirt, as he squeezed and played with her breasts he kissed and licked her neck and she grabbed him by the nape for support as he continued to touch her. As the bald man lifted her shirt up to reveal her bare breasts another man came into the picture, he was wearing a grey sweater and once he saw her bare breasts he squeezed them too, joining the bald man into touching the woman. He then kissed and sucked her nipples and rubbed her pussy over her jeans, the bald man who was holding her from behind reached forward to remove her pants while she was removing and unzipping the pants of the guy in the grey sweater.

After all of their pants were removed she then got down on her knees and grabbed the massive cock of the bald guy, she gave him a quick handjob before taking him by the mouth, she slowly moved her head for his cock to go deeper into her throat, as she was giving the bald guy a blowjob the guy with the grey sweater on came back into the picture and his cock was already fully erect, the woman then grabbed it and sucked it too. She then went back and forth in sucking the two cocks as she was kneeling the entire time. After a few seconds an old man who was fully naked joined them, as she was busily sucking the cock of the guy in the grey sweater, her left hand was giving the bald man a handjob and her right hand reached out to grab the old man’s cock and give him a handjob as well.

The guy in the grey sweater then made her stand up and bend over as he grabbed her by the waist and inserted his cock into her, he started pounding her from behind as she was bent over, she was then giving the old man a blowjob as she was being banged from behind and her right hand was giving the bald guy a handjob. She then went back and forth into giving the bald man and the old man a blowjob as the guy in the grey sweater was still pounding her from behind, the bald man then took over as he made the woman lay on a large rock, he spread her legs wide open and lifted them both as she pounded her pussy, the woman continued giving blowjobs to the old man and the guy in the grey sweater, the bald man went deeper and faster as the woman’s legs spread wider and wider.

The bald man then lifted her as he laid on the ground, he made her ride his massive cock and she did, the guy in the grey sweater then took her by the ass and the old man held her head and made her suck him, all of her holes were filled with massive, throbbing cocks. All three of them pumped her pussy, ass and mouth as deep, as fast and as much as they pleased and they even switched positions. The video ended with the woman lying on the ground with cum all over her face and body from the three men.


ScandiPorn is an adult entertainment site that will make you enjoy the hotness, boldness and wildness of European women; they do all sorts of scenes and are not afraid to experiment. They do outdoor and indoor sex all of which are of the highest quality.

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