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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 / Published in Asian Porn Sites
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There are millions of guys around the world, who have a crush on Japanese girls. This is mostly because they are kinky and they are far away, thus their aura of unreachable makes them tempting. Some of these guys have particular picture that they like to watch, and they usually search the wide web for it: Japanese girls in uniform. Not official uniforms of course, but rather the ones that cute fresh girls wear at the educational institutes of Japan. The SchoolGirlsHD fulfill their fantasies. The SchoolGirlsHD is a fresh player in the business: it launched two years ago in 2013. Since the launch it has accumulated more than 170 videos, featuring cute Japanese girls in tight blouses and very short skirts. The update schedule is hard to follow; in fact it looks like there isn’t a schedule, the updates just come when they came. All content of the SchoolGirlsHD is exclusive, though there is one site you may also reach them: the flagship site of the JAVHD network. Since we’re here, let’s just clear that the site isn’t a standalone page, it is a member of the JAVHD.

The latest fact also declares what kind of extra content you might get if you join the SchoolGirlsHD: a full network access to the over 5000 (and growing) exclusive and original Japanese porn videos of the JAVHD. In case you have a crush on the Oriental cuties, you have just arrived at the right place. The included bonus sites cover almost all hardcore niches. Since we’re talking about Japanese girls, you can expect some hot kinky porn inside, so get ready to enjoy heavy niches like anal sex, BDSM, bukkake. There is a site for outdoor sex, and even the hairy and shaved pussies have their own dedicated pages, so you can live out your fetishes.

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Design & Features

The SchoolGirlsHD has a nice site, with a design that’s easy on the eyes, and with a layout which is quite easy to follow. You should learn using the page, since on the inside nearly the same page will welcome you. As the main navigation tool, the menu is placed on the top, so you can always find it there. It has several options, but there are some that you will certainly use regularly, the videos’ list, the models’ database and the included sites’ page. As a sorting option, there is a Categories menu: it works as a dropdown, but you want, you can click on it and go the dedicated page where they list the categories. Also a search engine can help you scan through the content. You have two options when it comes to accessing the scenes. The in-browser viewing is a good option for those who like to watch everything online, and they don’t have to settle with lower quality; the stream offers quality up to 1080p. In fact, the downloadable files are also offer high quality, though the older scenes may have lower specifications. Both the streaming and downloading are fast and provided with stable connection. Most videos are added to the collection with a set of pictures attached to them, so it might be good to take a look at those too. Especially if you like the beauty of the Japanese girls. So, do you like watching porn on your tablet? Well, it’s no problem, since as a member you get access to the mobile interface of the JAVHD members’ zone.

Girls & Videos

All models of the SchoolGirlsHD are professionals from Japan. In that country, they call their pornstars Adult Video Idols, which is a far better and descriptive name that the expression ‘porn star’. In fact, these girls are really like idols – you worship them, bath in their beauty and glory… and you would fuck them all the way out of this world. However when these cuties start turning on, they become real succubi, who have only one goal: seduce you and make you fuck them hard and long. Since it’s a fantasy that the site has to cover, it’s recommended for them to have innocent faces… at least until they start sucking. All models here are Japanese, and though you might have guessed, it’s just had to be said. As you may have expected, the girls usually have dark hair, a really white skin, with nice smooth ass and (most of the times) perfectly shaped pink pussies.

The videos of the SchoolGirlsHD are really hot. These scenes cover various niches, and as you might have guessed from the site’s name, they all about sex in class… most of the cases it’s rather cosplay scenes instead, since the girls wear their uniform but they are at home, or any other place. Nevertheless the exciting videos of the site cover various hardcore niches. First, here we have fetishes covered (uniforms and Japanese girls); secondly, there are some other hardcore niches, like CFNM, group sex, lesbian porn, anal penetration, and a lot more. These videos are not too long, but they are long enough to last until you can blow your load. Most scenes are longer than 15 minutes and they all feature some foreplay and all straight scene end with a cumshot (facial, body shot and sometimes creampie).


The SchoolGirlsHD is a really promising website, though it still have some fields it should improve in. One of these fields is the update schedule – it would be so much better if there were a predictable time between each update. Apart from, this only unimportant issues are there with site, and you might not even bother yourself with it. The main thing you have to consider is that you gain access to a bit kinky hardcore site, with some fetish elements. Also, as a member, the bonuses you get are also considerable, because there aren’t much sites that offer more than 5000 videos on 12 sites for the fee of one. By the way: these videos are real Japanese porn scenes, but they are without censorship.

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