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Saturday, 03 September 2016 / Published in Pornographic Stars
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Queens of seductions exist! If you go online and look into some porn websites, you might be able to find lots of girls who claim to be the queens of seductions but there is definitely not one who can surpass the real queen, Selena Rose. This porn star is the one who is behind the popular solo porn website Selena Rose XXX. Of course, Selena will not only appear in front of you through videos and photos or even live cams.

She will make sure that you get what you deserve and that she gets much more from you. She won’t stop until you have been drained with everything you have. She won’t stop until you have fully satisfied your sexual cravings with her bootylicious body. In the Selena Rose XXX porn website, you have nothing else that you can see but hardcore sex. This is what Selena Rose is known for, after all. She is someone who doesn’t hold back even if it is about her passion for sex. The website was launched way back in 2010.

Design and features

The website has a good design that should give you a good browsing experience. There are some parts that will need improvement but that doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged from visiting the site. If you are a member of any of the sites under the DP network or you have visited the said site already, then you should know what to expect already when it comes to the site’s design and layout. The best thing about the site is in its porn content, after all. Starting with the videos in the archive which usually comes in the Flash format but multiple bandwidths, you already have about 69 full scenes here in the Selena Rose XXX porn website. These porn videos usually have a run time of more or less 19 minutes. That runtime should be good enough to give you the best orgasm of the night. It is DRM-free and you should be able to download them when you want to. Don’t just stream them if you can, then.

As for the photos, they are of high quality as well. There’s actually about 69 photo galleries that you can find here on the site. Each of these photo galleries accompanies the appropriate videos. Usually, a photo gallery will contain about 100 photos that you can view. It is up to you whether you will be viewing these photos on the website or if you will download them into your device for offline viewing later. You should be able to download the said photos in a zip file. If you ask about whether it has third-party feeds, then it is clear that the answer is yes. Another thing that you can enjoy with the site is the live chat and the bonus porn website that you can access as long as you have your membership to the Selena Rose XXX porn website. The last thing with the Selena Rose XXX is that if you have your membership to it, you can easily gain access to the site Selena Rose’s Digital DP Playground.

Girls & Videos

Selena Rose is well-known for her seductive body that can entice you to do whatever she wants. Her allure is what will make you servile to her, making you do everything at her bidding. Selena stands out with her shimmering brunette locks which she always left hanging loose down her back. There are times though when she changes the color of her locks to dark rave or too bright blonde. It is also significant to say that she has a tattoo. This tattoo is easily located on her back, specifically at the base of her spine.

She isn’t that busty girl that has humongous boobs but she has just the right cup to fit in our palms. You can’t help but imagine yourself fondling her amazing tits while pumping her up right down her pussy with your cum. It is also a good thing to note, if you watch a lot of her videos already, just how flexible her body is. Her flexibility is what allows her to take on hardcore sex performances that involve threesomes.

Her stint as a porn star started way back in 2010 at the DP network. She was 19 years old at that time. That means that by now, 2016, she is already 25 years old! Her age didn’t impact her beauty and charm negatively though. In fact, her years added more to the gracious vibe she has as a porn star. Her videos are really varied. You can find some videos here that are softcore in nature while you can find most of them to be the hardcore one. It is also common for her to make use of kinky sex toys and items. You can see her wearing some sexy lingerie or nothing at all.

Whether it be outdoor sex, deepthroat, oral sex, spanking, cumshots, threesomes, double penetration, and the likes, you are sure that Selena Rose won’t have any hesitations doing them as long as it pleases you, her partner in the video, and herself. You will definitely get a boner as you watch her seduce you at the start of the video. And, at the end of the scenes, you would have already experienced multiple orgasms.


With Selena Rose XXX, your sexual cravings will be met almost immediately. Selena Rose has been in the business for several years so she knows exactly how to please the men who come to see her. With the Selena Rose XXX porn website, it should be easy to jack off at night because you have some amazing videos and photos here in the site. There should be no reason for you to turn down any invitations to get a membership to the said site. At the end of the day, Selena Rose XXX definitely offers videos and photos that are worth it.

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