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Sunday, 03 April 2016 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
Great membership adult site to enjoy some some fine amateur stuff


They say that a picture is worth one thousand words, or sometimes, even more, and in the end, no amount of words could describe a picture if it us special. When people tire of the screaming in all the porn movies, they love to turn to photos, and I am one of those, ready to see some girls get naked in front of the camera, and that is exactly what you will find on Self Shot, user submitted amateur content.

Design and features

The site is welcoming, and I have loved the home page since the first moment I laid my eyes upon it. Why? Well, simply because it is done in a minimalistic way, yet stylishly enough to capture your attention and keep it there. The gray and black background with carvings in it would be very dominant if not for the many photos on the home page, of the girls naked and half naked, posing in front of the camera, in a very seductive way. Mind you, there are previews, and the real material is to be found in an area on the site, left specifically for the members. Becoming one requires a cheap fee, and is worth it, as you get access to all the photos, and the sorting options and the search bar, to help you find the girls you like. Surely enough, the site is helpful in other ways, some of them being simple and easy to use navigation, along with no lag, whatsoever. The site works amazingly well on mobile devices, too.

Girls & Videos

Yet, the technicalities of the site are not the main reason for anyone’s membership, though they do help immensely when it comes to the decision, and the initial impression that comes from it. But, the photos and the girls are what will make you come back, even though that the user friendliness of the site does indeed help. I have seen some really sexy and cute girls, and in a very seductive way, too, since they know how to transfer their knowledge and emotions from the photos. Even those who have their boobs and pussies covered actually get across the kinkiness, so that you get seduced without actually seeing anything really intimate. And those who are completely naked do indeed tend to get things even spicier, in a way that makes for a nice and loving hardcore photo. Add to those scenes that you already have in your head some really kinky toys that some of them employ and use and love to pose with, and the turn on effect of the photos becomes ever so slightly realistic and amazing. But the softcore blonds and brunettes can turn you on, too, simply by smiling or using their sizzling hot bodies to great effect. Sometimes, posing with clothes on can have a greater effect on people, just because it leaves room for the imagination to work, and it indeed does amazing things once given enough input. With so many different girls to choose from, and so many photos added daily, it is really hard to have a favorite, though you are welcome to join and try, as you will surely have a good time doing it.


I have seen many sites with girls and porn and very few of them have been as exciting and engaging as Self Shot, simply because the girls are beautiful and the way they take pictures leaves a lot for your imagination to do, and there is no thing that could rival a kinky imagination. Though the kinky and sexy girls do help, and are eager to share their wild side with us and everybody else who is willing to join and enjoy themselves.

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