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Tuesday, 29 March 2016 / Published in Shemales
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Shemalepornstar is an adult site dedicated to Shemale fetish and sex. Content on Shemalepornstar is exclusive, shemales look great, and the videos and photos are shot professionally.

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Design and features

There aren`t many features for non-members on Shemalepornstar. You can see some popular videos highlighted on the first page along with a small description for each one of them and a few photos of the model. These recommendations on the first page are perfectly selected as the photos look great and you can easily realize that all filming is made in HD by professional cameramen. The webmasters boast on every page about the fact that this website is 15 years old and they even have a separate part of Shemalepornstar that leads to the vintage models that don`t look as good as the new ones. The layout is simple and colors make it easy for you to focus on the presented content rather than getting distracted by the design.

There aren`t many clickable options and there is no search bar but they make it up in categorizing videos and photos by pornstar which is a good idea in my opinion. When selecting a pornstar you can quickly get to one of her videos along with a description and some intense photos. Shemalepornstar was clearly made for the users that want a fast loading page with lots of content but not too many options and filtering routes. I think it`s great if you are looking for a quick video or some highly erotic shemale pictures without too much fuss.

Boys & Videos

Shemalepornstar has a great variety of shemales from white, Asian or black shemales filmed in different positions, shemales that are getting fucked or that fuck someone else and so on. There are girls from the USA, from Japan or Brazil. As there are 516 shemales on Shemalepornstar, you will surely find one from your country, wherever you might live. I couldn`t find any amateur scenes. If you are looking for hardcore fetishes you might find some ugly shemales on the vintage side of Shemalepornstar but on the main page, you will only get beautiful shemales, looking exquisite. They are all shaved and groomed. They all wear makeup and have perfect skin. As they are clearly experienced shemales, they all know how to have good sex but they know how to make it look great for the camera also. Therefore, you might be amazed by the athleticism of these shemales but also by their ability to take it all in easily.

They should have a “Do not try this at home” warning on most of these videos. All videos are in high definition and are downloadable. You can download them in different formats, most common being the wmv or the mp4 formats. If you don`t want to download the videos to your computer you can also see them in your browser via streaming. Either way, you will get the same quality. Membership plans are affordable and you can buy different subscriptions depending on how long you think you are going to keep visiting this website. Movies are 18 minutes long and there are over 800 of them so you have more than enough to watch. All of them are professionally edited and perfectly filmed for our entertainment. Shemalepornstar website is updated on a daily basis and the 125,000 photos of great looking horny shemales from around the world made me want to dig deeper to find its goodies.


Shemalepornstar combines most races and countries under one roof. They have almost any type of shemale you can think of but you must go on the vintage part of the website for some of them. Therefore, if you are a shemale fan but you are not exclusively attracted to only one race or type of girl you can find all of them here and you will never get bored.

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