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Ever wondered what it would be like to see hot girls going about their mundane business in shower or locker rooms, stripping naked and cleaning themselves up? Just imagine being able to see their most delicate parts as they toss their panties aside and relax with their friends without a care in the world! At ShowerSpyCameras, one person has already gone and done it. But guess what? She’s one naughty chick and her name’s Laura! Laura, the resident perverted spy, has a habit of sneaking in spy cams in public places in the hopes of recording other girls getting naked while showering. She’s one naughty girl who loves to share all her pervy shenanigans in her premium porn hub, ShowerSpyCameras, to her fellow voyeur fans! Most of the videos found in her site are taken from showers and dressing rooms, although there are some flicks that are clearly recorded outdoors like in beaches and swimming pools. There’s all sorts of chicks getting changed and exposing their tits and pussies! Some of you folks might be wondering what the commotion is all about but it’s a pretty straightforward site that’s dedicated to the most hardcore fans of uncensored voyeur content. If you’re one of these horny gentlemen who love to peek at unsuspecting girls in their birthday suit, then ShowerSpyCameras is the place to be. Laura may not have bonus content on offer at the moment but she makes sure you have fresh content to jerk off to every day so that’s more than enough of a compensation!

Design and features

What you see is what you get – that’s the premise of ShowerSpyCameras and its offering of 100% real and raw shower hidden camera videos. You get exactly what’s promised by the site on the tour – nothing but flicks taken from hidden cameras installed in shower rooms, locker rooms, and other public places where sizzling hot beauties are sure to be stripping off their clothes to clean up after a sweaty day at the gym. The website sports a classy black and fuchsia color scheme, almost as if telling you it’s a place to find and watch cute girls getting naked – except that it’s all enjoyed in pure secrecy! The latest updates are immediately displayed on the main page and then carries on through numbered index pages that currently holds over 700 high-quality videos. You can find plenty more at the Members Area, which also serves to be a continuation of the index pages. To watch a video, you simply have to click the screen cap presented and you’ll be directed to the full-length content right away. Each preview comes with a short caption, although there’s not much info to help you understand what’s in the flick before you click and play. To filter content, you can use the advanced search tool provided in the site. You can also sort content by camera which are lined up across the menu found on top of the page. There are 6 cameras in total, all of which are neatly lined up in different locker rooms. One of these cameras appear to be in a shower room at a nudist beach. Laura seems to be good at looking for the perfect spots to find these hotties and catch them naked! Despite the amateurish style of the videos, the viewing quality is quite impressive. Laura is able to provide her members with juicy HD content that can be streamed or downloaded. This is beside the fact that the scenes are taken using spy cams! You can search specific videos by typing in a keyword or by category. Each video also has a comment and rating system, and you can even save your favorite scenes to a Favorites area. Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

Girls & Videos

We’re talking unsuspecting real girls and ladies here, with ladies-only shower rooms as the common setting for Laura’s collection of steamy voyeur content. These unsuspecting victims are completely oblivious that they’re already being recorded, and by a perverted chick at that! The ladies you’ll see here vary from dainty and cute chicks with well-shaved pussies, to buxom and mature mommas who need a little bit of shaving on their nether region. These are the normal, everyday type of lasses doing their usual routine as they change, shower, and get dressed again after a rigorous activity. True to its name, most of the videos you’ll see here at ShowerSpyCameras are recorded from shower rooms, although there’s plenty of scenes taken from other public places like in swimming pools and beaches. Most of the women appear to be Europeans, too, though we’ll never know for sure since the descriptions don’t mention any specific location. Having said all these, things would get pretty boring fast if you only spoil yourself with steamy shower scenes. Good thing you can get a breath of fresh air at the sight of women getting naked outdoors, too. One video I particularly love features a group of guys and girls who are hanging out on one isolated side of a lake – butt naked! You can see them talking and laughing among themselves as they sunbathe, exposing their private parts for the world to see! Each video gives you the option to download it in MP4 format or stream it via the embedded Flash player. Again, the spy cam videos you’ll see here are surely worth paying for, since they come in full high-definition, up to 1080p. It’s not that easy looking for free voyeur content in crisp and clear HD, after all! Most of the movies are rather short, running up to 5 minutes. Some scenes, though, run for as long as 20 minutes. Generally, they’re not huge files to download, and streaming them isn’t a problem either. I’ve never experienced any buffering hiccups. Sound quality is just as impressive and natural, considering the fact that they’re recorded through spy cams. Laura must have spent a great deal of cash on expensive cameras to give you nothing but the best voyeur content!


Like I said earlier, ShowerSpyCamera stays true to its niche, with a straightforward site that many voyeur fans will surely love. Laura boasts a collection of 100% genuine voyeur hidden camera videos featuring sizzling hot women who have no idea they’re already being filmed and are enjoyed by thousands of pervs online. Not all porn fans may be into this sort of niche so you have to be a seriously dedicated voyeur to truly appreciate the content being offered by Laura and her merry (and horny) band of peeping toms. They sure know their job and they’re pretty good at it. The overall quality of the videos are nothing short of impressive. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any plans of providing bonus content but seeing as there are new content to enjoy every day, I could hardly find any fault! I couldn’t recommend ShowerSpyCameras enough for all spy camera perverts out there.

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