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Nice erotic porn site with user-submitted content.


These days pretty much all porn that you would find on the internet is vanilla and boring. This is because the vast majority of porn sites have figured out a formula that would allow them to reduce costs and keep people watching. They have porn stars that all look the same all doing the same things in pretty much every video, so by the time you are done watching a few videos you can be sure that there would be nothing left to see in pretty much any porn site out there. This is why so many people are turning to amateur porn. In amateur porn, you will find all kinds of things that are all natural, and that can really be a breath of fresh air if you have become annoyed by the state of the industry. The fact that the vast majority of porn sites don’t offer good amateur porn, however, is going to be a real problem for you.

Porn sites that offer amateur porn are not really putting all that much effort into it, they are approaching this kind of porn with the same ideology as they would approach a standard porn video. This ends up making most porn videos, even in the amateur world, pretty boring to watch. SlutsWithPhones, however, is one of those sites that manage to make everything seem like it’s going to be okay. This is a real boost to the credibility of this industry, and is going to make it so that you are never going to have to worry about your porn watching experience. This site has a lot to offer, so in order to go through everything that is available you should read the review that has been provided below.

Design and features

The quality of this site is top notch, and the main reason for this is the colors that have been used here. In most porn sites, the colors can be loud and will distract you from your overall experience. Hence, the fact that this site has decided to keep itself and not really care all that much about everything else that is going on is going to make you want to stay subscribed to it for as long as possible. The main color used in the background is white which is unique in the world of porn. This white ends up making your porn watching experience a lot more relaxed than it would be otherwise. The white is accented with black frames for the porn videos, and that is something that you are absolutely going to love. Black is a color that makes you feel powerful, it’s a color that manages to put you in the controlling seat of your sexual experience, and that is something that the vast majority of porn sites fail to give you.

It’s not just this, the logo is pretty good too. The colors used in the logo are orange and green, and these add a very enjoyable and pleasant vibe to the site. The logo of this site has been designed in such a way that it looks attractive without grabbing too much of your attention, so if you were worried about whether or not you would be able to properly enjoy yourself you needn’t worry anymore because this site has got you covered completely. Another thing about this site that you are going to love is the layout. The videos have been laid out in a very neat way, and this will allow you to have an easier time finding a porn video that would be to your tastes.

Girls & Videos

The girls in these videos are gorgeous, but what sets them apart from the average porn star is that they are so realistic. You are not going to see any fake bodies on this site because every single girl is a real girl that had filmed herself doing something using her phone and is now looking to have people watch her. This adds a sense of believability to the overall site that is unparalleled in the world of porn. When you watch amateur porn on an average site you might end up thinking that the only difference between this kind of porn and regular porn is the fact that this kind of porn has lower production values.

However, in true amateur porn, such as the kind you will find on this site, you will see that what it’s really about is an inherent sense of realism. You will find all sorts of things that would make you feel good on this site, and in every single video you are really going to feel like these girls are into you in a big way, and you will want to keep watching as a result. The best thing about the fact that this site uses real girls in its videos is that you do not have to worry about getting bored at all. Each girl brings something new and unique to her video, and because there are so many girls available here you can be sure that you would find something that would suit your particular needs.


This site is amazing, but what truly is going to make you want to subscribe is how much value it gives you for your money. When you pay for a subscription you expect to get access to the site, but in this case, you get access to a whole network of other porn sites, each of which gives you something unique to enjoy to the point where you are never going to feel like you might get bored. As a result, you are going to be able to enjoy yourself in the long term and would be able to get the most out of your porn watching experience without a doubt. The site has no more updates, check ButtFormation for new xxx videos.

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