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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 / Published in Gonzo
Cheap pay per view site for porn DVDs.


Okay, so majority of us always turn to porn when we get sexually frustrated and have no outlet whatsoever. As a guy who props himself in front of the computer for several hours a day trying to get off some girl with a huge rack, porn has helped me get through some “tough” times. Of course, the porn industry is to be thanked at moments like these, along with their never-ending porn feeding program. I am not too sure how long I have been into this rather addictive hobby but I guess it started with a few DVD’s I came across with.

Way beyond the time when the internet was not a thing that people were really dependent from, the majority of the people I know would skim through shelves after shelves of adult shops in a street corner. I am one of those people and I can say that I kind of miss the whole adventure of browsing through racks to find the best films during that time. They were cheap, they could be rented or bought, and they were just a bunch of amazing full-length movies. Now that times have changed and there are even lesser adult shops out there that did not warrant the use of the world wide web, the porn industry has forever changed their ways and stuck to the internet to garner customers.

Just like SugarInstant; SugarInstant was not always your gargantuan porn site. It was a matter of fact, a huge adult DVD rental store that branched out to being a porn site to ride the tide. They were once called Sugar DVD and they had the best content found. Even when they branched out to being a porn network, the site is an absolute delight and their content has been gradually increasing ever since being around for already 15 solid years. It might be overwhelming at first but when you think about, porn has always been something overwhelming. Since this porn site comes with great quantity, there are no specific niches that come with it; they basically take on everything that the public wants.

Cheap adult site for hot pornstars.

Design and features

SugarInstant is a huge site and there are really a lot of things to do here that you will not expect to find. It actually puts a lot of other porn sites to shame when you break it down little by little. Their site design is very simple, having the blue, black, and grey color schemes. The navigation system here is straightforward and simple. The user interface is an absolute delight since it is rather user-friendly and very easy to catch on. SugarInstant also offers a 10-day free trial and recurs for a very cheap price every month. With quality and quantity going on in here, the price it offer is pretty much the real deal; and because SugarInstant was once Sugar DVD with the whole physical copies of DVD’s to be exact, you can also purchase physical copies of the movies here.

How handy is that, man? Unfortunately, despite the size of this porn site, you will not be able to find any photo sets, which is quite understandable because they were originally only a place that sells adult porn DVD’s. Maybe, in the near future, we can get that certain feature but for now, we will have to settle with the thousands of videos that belong here (which I do not seem to mind at all). Just a heads up though, before you go into thinking that SugarInstant directs their own porn movies, you will have to know that most of these are from different studios and they sell their work to SugarInstant. Think of it as supplying your favorite adult shop with great quality stuff. Despite the many different top studios giving SugarInstant their top of the line porn movies, the entire site is very exclusive and you will not be finding any more of the videos or the movies anywhere else but here.

SugarInstant is compatible with tons of other devices other than your laptop or your PC. It can also be played in Roku, Boxee, Playstation, Google TV, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Xbox, and Wii U. The links that may help you with your activities here are found on top, aligned with the site logo that serves as a home page. You have links to the live cam shows, the VR’s, the DVD rentals, the pay per view side, the new DVD’s, your account, the login and log out button, and the cart icon. The shopping cart is where you can browse through their many collection, add them to your cart, and purchase them. Despite the obvious lack of photo sets, each DVD composes of hi-res video caps that would give you enough picturesque information about the certain DVD.

Girls & Videos

There are tons of porn stars here, considering that SugarInstant is composed of more than 4500 full-length DVD’s. There are famous porn stars like Riley Reid, Taylor Madison, Ariel Winters, Liza Rows, Mandy Muse, and many others. Of course, there are also your equally hot amateur porn stars. Majority of the videos are now in high definition and those that fall to the older version of things, you still get to see them in outstanding quality. There are a lot of options here to watch any of the 4500+ DVD’s, unlike your regular porn site.

Each DVD would most likely have a duration of 120 minutes. You may stream them with your membership, in-browser, with at least 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. You can download them or buy the DVD for a price, depending on how recent, how rare, or how famous each DVD is. Everything here works like an actual adult shop, only online. All in all, you get faced with lots of options and the whole experience is fun. There is no download limit and you definitely will get a full-length HD playback.


If you miss those days where you get your physical copies of porn movies, then SugarInstant will take you back on a feels trip to make you experience the same feeling, only this time, it is online (like most things). Give this porn site a shot because you will never truly regret it. Aside from quality and quantity, the experience is rather unique.

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