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Thursday, 05 May 2016 / Published in Gay
High quality gay porn site with amateur guys.


TeenLadz is a portal which brings to you some of the raunchiest tender aged boys in some of the most unseen sexual rendezvous ever. You get treated to a wealth of erotic content and they are all in HD formats. With easy downloads, smooth navigation and top quality materials, the site proves to be one heck of a winning site. Let us check out some of the crucial facets of the site and understand why the site is so popular in the online world. The various aspects are presented one by one; feel free to check them out.

Design and features

The website makers have made the site in a simple manner. You will not find anything such as an attractive slide show or pictures which will please your hearts. There is nothing absurd in the site, in fact the main information includes their boys, their videos and pictures and the genre of action which you will find in the website. The background is green and will give you that gay-gay feeling when you enter into the main page and also the previews are lined up as thumbnails along with relevant pictures of the same action. The previews play smoothly but if you want to check out the videos in its complete lengths you will have to set up an account here. The steps are simple and all you are required to spare some of your personalised details such as your full name, your email address as well as an ideal username and a password. The site is also great in safe guarding your provided details and so if you are worried about your details being whipped or for that matter revealed to any third party members of outside channel, you can be rest assure that such things will not take place. The payment of your packages will have to carried out using your debit/credit as well as cheque mode and if you do run into any bottle neck occurrences, there is always a customer care helpline which you can cater to sort it out. As all the steps have been carried out, you will have to wait for the site to confirm you about the status of your account and if the result is a positive one, then you are granted an affiliation and also license to access all the materials which are lined up in the different pages of the site. The videos are in HD formats and watching them will give you an idea about the quality which is followed by the site. The operations which are run by the site is completely authorized and is it also RTA registered. The smooth user interface of the site is what makes the navigation user-friendly and the highly responsiveness of the site to your clicks or requests is what will make your stay a fun-filled one. The site also guarantees you regular content every time you enter into your account. However the site lacks in some areas also. Like there is nothing much about the names of the lads and also there is no information about the updates in the home page. There is also no interaction links as well as a tab where you can post comments as well as give your preferred stars on the videos which you have watched. The site is also not mobile friendly and does not allow you check out the content using your handsets. However as an overall it is quite satisfactory.

Boys & Videos

There are plenty of similar content providing websites functioning in the online world but the thing which makes the site so exclusive in the industry is their stack of hot and rough boys. Yes folks each of the dudes are unlike those geekish or sissy boys, rather the category of dudes which you will find here are smooth, ready, horny as well as angelic in their appearance and they also have well-tanned bodies with very less or even negligible strays of hair. They will be seen wearing basketball trakie bottoms, polo shirts as well as some branded sneakers. Every single one of them are opportunists and never miss out an opportunity for some sexual fun with their other band of boys. The action you will find takes place in numerous spots such as basketball courts, their dormitories, their rooms as well as out into the open in some isolated region. The boys are UK-ish in their origin and when they get horny and sex starved, their animal instincts come out and they will be seen going at their sex partners. The action is completely hard-core and involves fucking, ass sucking, fingering, ball sucking, blow jobs, kissing and many more. These boys fuck as if there is no tomorrow and this will most certainly make you sex-cited as give you a hard and cum-filled dick to deal with. The videos are also sublime in picture as well as audio quality and will make way or splendid viewing spectacles. The videos are in HD formats and that accounts for the pictures also. The streaming option is not given but there is always the download mode which you can cater to. The videos are downloaded in numerous formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4 as well as WMV formats and they play without any interruptions. They are also of decent lengths and will give you ample opportunity to masturbate and entertain yourselves. The pictures are also of wonderful formats and can be downloaded as zip files as well as viewed online using the impressive slide show player of the site. In fact when I was checking the pictures, I found that the slide show player was not as good as some of the other portals in the realm but it does suffice. The updates are also constant and take place timely.


TeenLadz is a place which offers you amateur Brit boys engaging in some of the raunchiest sex action you will find in the online world. They are hot and horny and will do anything it takes to get it. The videos are clarity filled and the pictures have all the aspects covered in terms of labelling it stunning.

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