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Sunday, 29 May 2016 / Published in BBW
Top pay sex site for big ass lovers.


Have you ever been in a porn site that has thousands of erotic videos and steamy hot photos of such a beautiful rounded butt? If not, then The Big Ass Girl is the first and well-known adult site that has multiple candid photos of a well-formed big butt that can fulfill all kinds of our ass fetishes. Imagine that butt in different kinky outfits, tempting scenarios, teasing and provocative positions, bouncy big ass and much more right in your eyes once you become their exclusive member. It will definitely give you the excitement of a lifetime. Picture perfect butt wearing sexy skirts, bikinis, even skimpy fishnet stockings and naughtily torn leggings can really turn you on like a mad bull and make you the horniest man alive.

This gorgeous lady is willing to do anything for you. And by anything, you can request any of your big butt wild fantasies to this naughty lady and she will happily make it happen for you. This wild and exciting booty action will never bore you. Instead, it will make you jerk off real fast as she willingly helps you reach your climax by being playfully seductive while you do your thing! You can only hope you won’t go to hell by killing millions and millions of your future offspring in huge piles of tissues, then flushing them down the drain.

By the way, be careful when doing the deed! This girl’s awesome ass is so good, it would take you to a whole new world, leaving you vulnerable and susceptible to being caught in reality. Always remember to lock your door and to keep the volume down!

Design and features

The Big Ass Girl has an excellent gallery of this hot chick’s perfectly toned round butt. There are a lot of varieties of outfits to choose from that suits this pretty faced seductive maiden’s ass well from super tight leggings, skimpy shorts, miniskirts, body-hugging dresses, daring lingerie, eye-popping bikinis and even nothing at all. This is truly the ultimate adult site for your big ass fetish! In this site, the big ass woman performs anything you wish or any request you have in mind and she keeps you entertained sexually by being a genie in disguise since she will grant it immediately for you.

They have a high quality of photos and videos that are compatible with any device that you have. You can also download your most fapped photo or video of this round ass chick anytime and watch it anywhere you want. They also have scheduled updates at least three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for the latest exclusive sultry photos and alluring videos to keep you hooked. You will never get tired of looking at her massive booty since she will tease you until you cum!

Girls & Videos

This lady of The Big Ass Girl not only has the roundest juicy bubble butt but she also has an hourglass shaped figure and a very beautiful face. She is almost perfect. Everything she wears compliments her big ass. The sensual photos and videos are all in high resolution thus you can vividly check on her big tight behind in any costume or outfit she wears. This voluptuous chick not only loves showing off her big butt but she is also a great performer and entertainer in doing kinky stuff.

In the comfort of your home, you will be pleased as she teases you by slow dancing, bending, rubbing oil all over her body, looking directly at the camera as if she knows that it is you on the other side of the screen, staring at her intensely and enjoying every bit of what she is doing. Even when she is just plainly walking around, there is just something irresistibly sexy about her that will think that this porn site is the right one for you! She likes giving blowjobs and her face getting covered with a lot of your cum. You will absolutely enjoy watching her do all sorts of acts for your pleasure. Every stroke of your hand, it feels like you are the one humping her juicy behind. She will be helping you jerk off as she moves her curves the way you want it.

She will not bore you since she has lots of different sexy outfits and stunts to make you cum. Maybe one of these days, you might find yourself in rehab because you just can’t get enough of this girl’s ass! Every week she has fresh new ideas to share with you and not just that, you can also send her pictures or videos of daring scenarios that you would love her to do with you. She will mostly agree with your requests and do it wholeheartedly for you. Also, she makes sure that she can upload new photos and videos at least thrice a week so that you will be updated by what she can offer you. Nowhere else on the internet that you can find a vast pornographic material that is totally dedicated for the entire ASS in the world. Whatever your heart’s desire and your mind’s fantasy, The Big Ass Girl has got it all! This adult site is a big booty worshiper’s playground, indeed!


The Big Ass Girl is a porn site that features a gorgeous maiden with a big round booty. This is one of the many adult sites that offer mostly ass fetish. I personally like the way the site is designed which allows easy breezy navigation. You can clearly see high-quality photos and videos of this hot chick in different positions and various sexy outfits showing off her big butt.

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