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The sphere of porn is not precisely PC, nonetheless political correctness notwithstanding, I was not surefire the reason as to which Third World Shemales employed such an outmoded phrase for what we at the moment term as ‘developing nations.’ Later, I fathomed that this anthology originates from Third World Media. The company produces porn around the world. Allow me to expound more regarding the platform.

Design and features

Third World Shemales incorporates a fundamental and tidy site design. The engineers must have done quite a pleasant job. The features included are very handy when it comes to interacting with the platform. The navigation is easy and moving around the platform was not a problem. You should see the user interface. The tabs and links to various web pages are very well placed, and you do not experience any difficulty. Even a newbie will find it very easy to move around the site. The color scheme is just as I expected it to be.

The shades and hues were comfortable to my brain, and my eyes did not feel itchy. The media can be either saved on external hard drives, cloud stores, or even view on the browser. Movies can be resized in browser. An embedded flash player has been fixed to enable you to stream your favorites seamlessly. The photos can be viewed in a slideshow or even saved in zip folders. Formats are for latest movies, and multiple bandwidths/mobile formats are available; older movies may have lesser specs.

Boys & Videos

Third World Shemales is a unique site, with a right size and features sizzling gals. I counted 350 flicks. Initially, I scored the films in both the ‘hardcore movies’ and ‘solo flicks’ areas, presuming that was the way to get a correct amount. However, I came about with lesser films that when I counted all the ones in the updates zone using the first search flicks and the image sets filters. There are 300 plus image galleries, and each gallery entails an average of 90 images. On the bottom of the free tour are the latest site statistics which lists 314 models, 22,515 photos, and 316 videos. Comparing the number of models to videos shows you that almost every scene features a different transsexual porn star. As you continue the tour, you’ll find more screen captures and site details including movie details and the tranny actresses that star in them. While these transsexuals may as a matter of fact hail from developing nations, there is certainly nothing trashy concerning they exterior looks.

Users do not receive thick thighs, tantalizing butts and perky tits like these gals do by lacking necessities of life! Watch these tgirls getting engrossed in intense anal fucking scenes and hear them groan and moan noisily as they rub their meat rods. Each movie has around 15 min replay time. You are afforded with various downloadable formats like MP4s that are broken down into .mp4, and .m4v. They are coming with a resolution of 960 X 540 and bit rates of 1600 kilobytes per second. The second format, Windows Media Version comes with a high-definition resolution, displaying at 1280 X 720 pixels. The WMVs have bitrates of 2550 kilobytes per second. Another format is the MPEG denoted as .mpg. Its resolution is 640 X 480 with bit rates of 1300 kilobytes per second. They have included ads for other websites. Users can read a blog, which promotes the updates and there are also some additional films as well as images to examine from some other shemale adult platforms.


What you get here are just straight matchups between a transsexual and her male partner, and they have bareback sex at times. Besides the regular updates, you will get your money’s worth from this website. So plunge into the action, enter Third World Shemales now! The site has been deleted, check more shemale porn sites.

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