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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 / Published in Shemales
Good tranny porn site for shemale lovers


How much do you love porn? How much of a porn fan are you? Do you enjoy just watching the regular types of porn videos? Or are you game to witness those bizarre yet totally awesome ones? For us, here in the office, we don’t really have a choice. It’s either we love porn or we don’t. The thing is, we really need to watch porn every day because it’s our job. So it is going to be really hard for us to do it efficiently if we don’t like porn at all. Hence, we only get people who are definitely into porn – those who can watch different kinds of porn and not feel cheesy or awkward. We like people who are into even those bizarre porn niches, like the one that we are going to talk about today. Shemale porn. Yes, shemale porn. Have you ever tried watching one? We would understand if you haven’t tried it out. Well, man, it’s great! To those who are not familiar with this genre yet, then allow us to explain it to you.

This is where you will see really hot chicks with dicks. And we are not talking about strap-ons; we are talking about the real deal. There are really beautiful ladies who do have the male genitalia. It can happen in different ways. First, they can be a tranny or transsexual. They can be really good gay crossdressers with amazingly feminine features. And finally, they can even sometimes be hermaphrodites. For the sake of this porn site review, though, we are going to focus on one type of shemales. Trannies. We are going to talk about the porn site, TrannyPoppers. TrannyPoppers has two kinds of membership options that you can choose from and both of them are recurring membership. The first membership option is the one month plan which allows you to rebill, and last but definitely not the least the three-month membership plan which also enables members like us to rebill and get one-month free access.

Design and features

The website design of this porn site is incredibly clean and simple, yet it is very effective in featuring the best assets and content of TrannyPoppers. The first thing on their homepage is their basic header. It contains the name of the site written in a plain font. Below that, you will get to see the different pages that you can access and explore. Under this header and navigation, you will see a short trailer or preview about the porn site in general. You will see different chicks playing with their dicks, jerking off until they pop – according to the site’s tagline itself. Scrolling down, you will then see the first batch of thumbnails.

These thumbnails show their top tranny porn stars. These thumbnails feature their stars through a picture that looks similar to magazine covers, with their names on the images themselves, while each of the stars is shown in a really sexy and enticing pose, usually wearing sexy lingerie or nothing at all. Aside from the cover-like images, there is other information on the thumbnails such as the full name of the porn model, along with two links: one that would allow you to stream the video, and the other one, to enter and view their free photo gallery. Below this group, you will see another batch of thumbnails. This time, they present the member’s favorites.

Unlike the first batch, the thumbnails that you are going to see here are a lot simpler, showing only a headshot of the porn star, the name, and the five-point rating that they received from their viewers. Finally, you will their latest bonus site updates at the very bottom of the page. These updates present more information as compared to the previous thumbnails. Aside from showing an image which reveals one of the hottest scenes in the presented content, you will also get to read a short description about it and see the date when it was uploaded on the site.

Girls & Videos

Now, for our most awaited part of our porn site review – the girls. Most people find trannies and shemales to be unappealing, but what most people are missing is their capacity to show you how well verse they are with the Art of Pleasure. The reason is that of their versatility. First, they have all the characteristics of a woman. They can be fucked and pounded just like the average chick, but unlike them, they are incredibly much tighter. Not to mention that they also have boobs and bubble sized butts to boot! And of course, let us not forget that these chicks have dicks so they can fuck other chicks and trannies as well. Isn’t that amazing? It is like watching hot girls wearing strap-ons but definitely more authentic.


Based on our visit to this site we can confidently say that TrannyPoppers definitely delivers the best of shemale and tranny niche. From its simple yet straightforward web design and site features to the very impressive quality of porn videos that they produce, you won’t stop watching them until your eyes actually pop. Furthermore, the trannies and shemale models that they have under their sexual arsenal are all exquisite. According to some of our porn and tranny experts here in the office, they find that the models that are part of this porn site were carefully picked from different races, skin, color, aesthetic, and sexual flavor.

Moreover, according to our tranny lovers here, they find the models predominantly passionate with every porn video that they produce. Finally, through this porn site review, we are encouraging other porn lovers to try out this unique porn niche and genre because it does offer lots of sensual opportunities that you may find recreationally useful for your future sexcapades.

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